Amazon Discontinues Underground Free Android Apps Giveaways


Amazon’s Android app store, the sole rival of Play Store in terms of the number of apps available, is discontinuing its Underground Actually Free Program which allowed users to install paid apps and games for free.

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The Underground Actually Free Program was launched by Amazon in August 2015 and replaced the ‘free app of the day’ offer.

Some of the apps that are paid on Google Play store are available for free on the Amazon app store, and some other apps’ in-app purchases are free.

The Underground store offered users apps, games and in-app items worth more than $20,000 for free.

“While we will continue to expand the Amazon Appstore experience, we have decided to discontinue the Underground Actually Free program. All support for the program will end in 2019,” Amazon stated.

Amazon’s app collection is dwarfed by Google’s 2.8 million apps for Android — most of which are useless — but still has a lot to offer.

Access for Android Users Ends in Summer 2017

The Underground isn’t closing immediately, the support for all the free apps that users have already downloaded will end in 2019.


Fire tablet customers will be able to access the Underground Actually Free store till 2019, but access for Android devices will end in a few months in ‘summer 2017’.

Any new Fire tablets will not support access to the Amazon Underground store.

“Android customers will continue to have access to the Amazon Underground app to shop for physical goods and access Prime Video content and can enjoy previously installed Underground Actually Free apps,” the company added.

Developers won’t be able to submit new apps to the section after May 31, 2017, but will benefit from the ones users continue to use till the support ends in 2019 and can provide updates for existing apps until that time.

Everyone likes stuff for free, especially when it’s good as well and Amazon’s Underground Actually Free program has been the place for Android users to get freebies.

Although it’s sad to see a good program die, Google Play Store also has a new ‘Free App of the Week’ section now which can be used — it’s not as huge, but something is better than nothing.

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