World’s Most Hack Proof Phone is Launching This Year


The internet has evolved a lot since its inception and has boomed with the popularity of smartphones, but privacy and security on the internet still possess a big question on the internet.

Although the smartphones have emerged to be one of the fastest growing markets they are also the least secure devices which can be hacked more easily than PCs.

Enter John McAfee, a smartphone that is being designed to be as hack proof as humanly possible by the same team which brings you McAfee security software.

“Smartphones have become the Achilles heel of cyber security. No matter how secure our applications become, they must still execute in an environment designed from the ground up to be a spy device. It is like building a race car and having it powered by a rubber band,” said John McAfee.

The John McAfee privacy phone, named after the antivirus creator who goes by the same name, will feature additional security features — both software and hardware — over other smartphones.

The device will get hardware switches to grant users the ability to disconnect the camera, WiFi antenna, microphone, Bluetooth, GPS, battery and much more.

“The base phone will be procured as an OEM model using the Android operating system and then modified using the skills of MGT’s cyber security team,” MGT stated in a blog post.

The physical buttons will ensure that no one can access these features of the phone even if an attacker remotely circumvents the phone’s software security and gains access to the device, the user can shut him out using the hardware buttons.

The Android-based device will be launched in Q3 or Q4 this year and will be made available in the region of $1,100.

Although the hardware buttons on the device sound great, they will only be useful when the attacker doesn’t have physical access to the device.

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