15 Incred­i­ble Guardians of the Galaxy HD Wallpapers

Namrata Gogoi

Marvel is back with its second installment to the Guardians of the Galaxy with its (literal) out-of-the-world actions. Amidst the mix of pop songs from the 80s, the team’s intergalactic adventures, and the mystery surrounding the Starlord aka Peter Quill’s genes, we just can’t wait to watch the movie.

And of course, there’s Groot and his adorable eyes and yeah, the Rocket Racoon.

So in view of the immense fondness that we have for this series and its characters, we have handpicked some of the most outstanding Guardians of the Galaxy Wallpapers of all times. Hope you enjoy them.

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Psst…and I hear that the opening credits are too good and they ought not to be missed.

So, did the Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 meet your expectations?

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