11 Coolest Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Camera Tips and Tricks

The much hyped and talked about smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched almost a week back in India, and we just can’t stop talking about it (yeah, the display again). Amongst the many features, what caught our attention was the myriad of camera tricks that it has up its sleeves.

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Though the camera has not seen much of an upgrade from the S7, let not that deter you from clicking impressive pictures. Coupled with these nifty Galaxy S8 camera tips and tricks, I am sure, the camera experience will be worthwhile.

So, let’s get started.

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1. Floating Camera Button

The Galaxy S8 features a rather tall display. While that gives the phone an incredible look, but it might make taking pictures a tad difficult. But worry not, the S8 has you covered on that front. Much like its other cousins like the Galaxy C7 pro and Galaxy A5, it also comes packed with the floating shutter button.

S8 Camera Tricks

As you might have guessed, this shutter button can be dragged anywhere on the screen which makes taking pictures an absolute delight.

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2. Opt for Selective Focus

A Samsung flagship feature, since the Galaxy S5, this feature takes a multitude of pictures consecutively with the focus varying across the objects. The end result is a picture where you can manually select the focus level — near, far or pan focus and save it accordingly.

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This feature is handy while taking macro shots which means that the object needs to be within 20 inches from the lens. And what’s more, you can save all the picture individually in all the three modes.

3. Add Shortcuts to the Home Screen

Surely the camera modes are impressive, but what makes the S8 camera incredible is that these modes can be placed on the home screen as shortcuts. What’s more, it isn’t limited to just one or two modes.

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All you need to do is head over to the three dot menu and select the Add shortcut to home screen option. Select your favorite modes and bam, you’re done. So, the next time you’ll be prepared for taking the right picture at the right time with all the necessary arrangements in place.

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4. Say Cheese!

The Galaxy S8 features a wide range of commands which can be used to click a picture. It takes commands as simple as “Cheese,” “Smile,” or “Capture”.

Especially handy for the selfie savvy folks, as it’ll give you the perfect reason to pose and smile.

To enable this mode, head over to settings and toggle the voice control switch to On.

5. Tracking Autofocus

Nothing can be as annoying as setting the camera focus on a pet (to take a picture, of course) and then have the entire effort wasted when the notorious pet moves even the tiniest bit. Instead of re-enacting the frame once more, the tracking autofocus mode can come in great use.

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Using this mode you can continually focus on your pet, or rather any moving object, and thus giving you a respite from blurred or unfocused images. After all, every moment is priceless.

6. Motion Photos

A feature which you might have already seen in few of the popular camera apps like Camera 360, this feature records a clip a few seconds before the picture is shot. Not only does it give you the opportunity to capture a shot later, it also gives you a funny insight into the moments right before a shot.

S8 Camera Tricks 10

To capture a shot from the saved pictures, tap on the yellow play icon and tap on Capture.

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7. Easy Zooming Option

With the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can easily zoom in and out of your frame using the shutter button. Just place your finger over the shutter button and drag it up/down to zoom in and out of the frame. What’s more, you can also see the level of the zoom that you want just by the side.

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A rather nifty feature, given the tall design the phone. Plus, it also gives you the freedom to use only one hand during the entire operation.

8. One Finger Camera Operation

Speaking of using the device with only one hand, the S8 aces in that area. You can easily swipe through filters, and camera modes using just a finger.

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Want to switch over from front camera to rear camera? Just swipe up and down on the screen. As simple as that.

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9. Additional Effects

Not satisfied with the added effects of the Galaxy S8? Simple, get more. The Samsung store has a handful of free and paid camera effects which you can download.

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From sports shot to animated GIF, you can have your pick. Currently, the paid tab is empty, but hopefully, with time it’ll see its fair share of apps.

10. Pro Mode

If you’re bored by the conventional filters and modes, you can choose to go pro and take a picture the traditional way. Like most of the manual camera apps, you’ll get the option to add in the focus manually, change the ISO levels, etc.

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And yeah, if you want to slap in a filter as well, that option is also there.

11. Wave for a Photo

Because the shutter button is too mainstream.

The S8 features many ways to click a picture and notable amongst them is waving a hand in front of the front camera or tapping the heart rate sensor in the rear.

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What’s more, if you want to make the fingerprint sensor to double up as a shutter, you can also do that with the help of a third-party app.

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Click Away!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a hub of special effects and settings which help in getting the perfect picture with the right amount of color and sharpness. And guess what, you can also play with the insane Snapchat-like masks or shop for a particular item using the Bixby camera. And did I tell you that the stickers are also quite neat?

So which one will you try out first?

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Last updated on 10 February, 2022

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