Top 10 Free Android Apps of May 2017

The month of May is here and here we are, yet again, with yet another list of apps. As is the drill every month, these are the apps which were released last month and managed to stand up starkly in the huge wide world of Android apps.

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And you never know, you might end up getting a few onboard. So, let’s check them out the top 10 new Android apps of May 2017.

1. myWalls

MyWalls is a wallpaper app supported by Android 4.4 and above. It has a jaw-dropping collection of high-resolution backdrops and wallpapers. This app curates the best wallpapers from Unsplash and what’s more, the collection is refreshed every day or two.

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What’s remarkable about this app is that you can select the wallpapers as per the resolution. Apart from the wallpapers, the app contains a handful of settings like the night mode, filters, and favorites.

The app is free at the Play Store, however, you can choose to make a donation which is as low as INR 35 ($0.54) or as high as INR 110 ($1.7).

2. Look Up – A Pop Up Dictionary

As suggestive of its name, Look Up is a dictionary meant for use in offline mode and proves to be immensely helpful for online research. All you have to do is select the word, tap on the three-dot menu and tap Look-up. Bam, the literal meaning of the word will be displayed right away, along with the pronunciation.

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The database is huge and contains the meaning of up to a 2.2 lakh words and phrases. Just in case, it’s unable to return a meaning, the failure message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Apart from fetching meanings, you can mark a favorite to any word, so that it’s readily accessible. Beyond that, the settings menu contain a handful of features like the dark mode (good for the eyes, you see), haptic feedback, etc. The app is available for free in the Play Store. Features like syncing to the Google Drive and translation is available only in the Pro version.

3. Privacy Screen Guard & Filter

Tired of your neighbors peeking into your phone while you are chatting? This super annoying habit of our traveling companions can be quickly fixed through an app which goes by the name of Privacy Screen Guard & Filter. It overlays a dark screen over the display, with only a tiny inch of the screen visible.

By this time, your neighbor ought to know that you are in no-nonsense mode.

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Handling this app is super simple. There are two handles — one is to increase and decrease the size of the overlay while the other handle is to move the overlay around. What’s more, if you still think that the neighbor isn’t getting the message, you can darken the screen even more through settings.

The overlay can be simply switched on/off through the arrow button. And if it can’t get any better, the shape can also be switched to a circular one.

4. Pocket Sense

Pocket Sense is a security app with a unique functionality. As it name suggests, it will make sense of its surroundings when it’s in your pocket, and if by any chance it’s lifted out, it will sound an alarm. This app makes use of the phone’s accelerometer to catch the thief.

It’s a practical app to have, particularly when you travel a lot by public transport.

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It also features a charge sense mode, which will sound an alarm when the charger is removed. This especially comes to use when you have left your phone to charge in a restaurant or public place.

And if you want to take it a notch above, there’s the motion sense mode which will alert you even if there’s the tiniest movement sensed by the sensors.

5. InstaSwipe

Surely, with Instagram updating its features, you can easily upload multiple photos in a single post. Yet, if you want to impress your followers with the impressive panorama that you just clicked, then sadly, it can’t be done. But what if you can you could divide your panorama, upload it and yet it looks like one? Say Hi to InstaSwipe.

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InstaSwipe beautifully divides panoramas into equal grids and uploads into Instagram. And yet when you look at the uploaded content appears as to have beautifully and seamlessly integrated to form a panoramic mode, with the resolution intact.

6. Notifications in Bubble

Remember the floating chat heads of FB Messenger? A lot of apps tried to mimic the action for a number of messaging services (Remember, FlyChat?). And the latest in the rat race is an which goes by the name of Notifications in bubble. Its job is a simple one — it would take notifications from the apps and present to you in the form of a bubble.

Apps Of The Months May 5 You, on the other hand, need not take the trouble of opening an app every time a notification comes.

7. Night Screen

Surely, we all know that a bright screen in a dark environment or a dark screen in a well-lit room can be the perfect recipe for eye-strain. The built-in night mode can help you in such scenarios, but what if you want to lower the brightness even more than the system allowed threshold? Night Screen is the answer to the above question.

Apps Of The Months May 20  Apps Of The Months May 11 It creates an overlay on top of your screen, and in the process shielding your eyes from the offending light. Overall, it’s simple, easy to use and very effective tool to have.

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8. Cursor Control

Text browsing can be a tad annoying at times, especially on phones with smaller displays. The cursor lands in all the places, but the places of your choice. Though keyboards like Gboard and SwiftKey have the answer, but then, not everyone uses these apps. If you are one among them say Hi to Cursor Control.

It lets you move your cursor with the pressing of the volume keys. Either it can be enabled for all the apps or a few can be chosen manually. Cursor Control needs accessibility permissions to work.

My only gripe is that it disables the Secure startup option, which is a must-have secure option these days.

9. Pixbars: Energy Bar

Looking for a pixel bar display for the battery or the processor in your status bar? Pixbars is the answer to it. It creates an overlay at the top of the screen to show the progress or the decline of battery juice or Wi-Fi signal.

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You can choose to have an indicator too along with the pixel line display. Plus, the of the pixel bar and its thickness can be customized as per your wishes. Moreover, the refresh rate is set at 1000 ms by default, and if you don’t want instant updates on the life of the battery or the strength of the Wi-Fi, you can have it decreased.

The free version lets you have only one bar enabled at a time, however, the updated version lets you have more than one display at your status bar. The colorful pixbar along with zero ads makes this a must have application.

10. Decision Crafting

Have you ever been plagued by decisions that you can’t take? It may be as simple as choosing the restaurant for your dinner date or something as serious as selecting the place for your vacation (yep, that’s serious for me!). Decision Crafting is the app that raises to the occasion and helps you take the right decision by weighing the pros and cons.

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The functionality is simple. All you have to do is enter the options that you are pondering. and slap in the criteria. Criteria can be anything like money, distance, overall goodness, etc. Now, enter the rate and bam, the machine will spit out the decision to you.

Of course, it requires a lot of manual work, but then, if you aren’t able to arrive at a decision then you can call it your next best friend.

Try ’em Out!

So, which are you getting this month? If you ask me, the InstaSwipe app is a cool one to have in the kitty. After all, why shouldn’t the panoramic images be left out of Instagram? And as far as security of your device is concerned, the pocket sense is another great app to have.

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Last updated on 09 February, 2022

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