Turn Off Public WiFi Notifications in 3 Simple Steps

Android-powered devices have an innate ability to search for public WiFi signals as and when they’re available, helping us connect to the internet easily.

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This might be useful when you’re at your regular coffee shop but it tends to become a tad-bit irritating when you’re just roaming around in the market and get notified for every available public WiFi.

If you’re irritated by Android’s feature to notify you about an open WiFi network and feel the need to switch this functionality off, we’ve a way for you and it’s quite simple too.

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Although turning off the WiFi public network notification is a default setting of Android, its location in the settings menu might differ a bit depending on the device manufacturer.

But you’ll find these settings in almost the same place — with different headings and sub-heading maybe.

How to Turn Off Public WiFi Notifications?

Turning off public WiFi notifications is as simple and easy as it can get — just a few toggles in the device’s settings, and you’re good to go.

  • Head over to your device’s settings, find and open WiFi settings — under Wireless and Networks.
  • You’ll find a settings icon on the next window on the top right hand side, click on it.
  • Disable the ‘Network Notification’ option in the next window.
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This will help you get rid of unwanted public WiFi notifications all the time.

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Beware that doing this means that you will no longer receive any notifications whatsoever no matter how many public WiFi’s are available around you.

You’ll have to search and connect to a WiFi network manually, but this also ensures that you’re not pestered by constant network notifications from your device.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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