Con­firmed: Sam­sung S8 Won’t Offi­cial­ly Sup­port Remap­ping Bix­by Button


Samsung recently unveiled its new flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices and as much fanfare it has received for its bezel-less design and top of the line specs, the Bixby button on the device has garnered a bad reputation as it can not be remapped.

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Samsung has been working on its own AI-powered personal assistant to compete with the likes of Cortana, Echo, Google Assistant and Siri, and has finally announced its release alongside the new flagship galaxy devices.

To the dismay of fans looking forward to buying the device, Samsung has revoked the accessibility functionality of remapping the Bixby button.

This means, that if you like Google Assistant more than Samsung’s Bixby and don’t wish to root your device, you’ll be stuck with a button which does nothing for you — better hope Bixby is as efficient too.

According to a report by XDA Developers, “Samsung has modified the system to consume the Bixby button’s key events before it reaches the Accessibility Services, effectively making it impossible to remap the Bixby button.”

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A Samsung USA representative even confirmed on Twitter that the company isn’t officially going to support remapping the button. ‘Can’t say it will never happen, but we won’t officially support,’ Samsung representative Philip Berne stated in a tweet.

Given that Samsung is still one of the most popular smartphone brands worldwide even after their Note 7 fiasco last year, its latest product — an artificial intelligence powered smart assistant — gets a big market to be tested.

The Korean company seems adamant to make use of all its prospective Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners as a testing ground for Bixby, which is still being developed.

Smart assistants are a great tool in the modern era as they’re increasingly making life easier for people by keeping a track of all the important happenings of the user’s life.

‘Keeping a track’ being the keyword, these smart assistants are also a threat to your privacy. Read more about it here.

Not only that, for those who aren’t interested in what all Bixby can do for them, having a physical button on the side panel of your device isn’t at all desirable as not only it’s an added inconvenience while using the phone, it’s going to be irritating too — since people are going to pay a fortune to own the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices.

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