How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on Twitter

Twitter has added another layer of security to user accounts with the two-factor authentication which will now support login authentication via third party apps like Google Authenticator or Authy.

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Security features like SMS-based Two factor authentication (2FA) and one time login code was active on the micro-blogging platform previously too but didn’t support third party apps.

The new update comes as a welcome move to the users of the service as security on the internet of paramount importance and a mere password isn’t enough to keep your account safe — especially when the users on the platform in question have been subjected to a number of attacks in the past.

Popular hacking group OurMine hacked multiple twitter accounts including that of Netflix, Buzzfeed and others in the past several months; add to that the most recent hacking of thousands of European accounts surrounding Turkey’s referendum and you’ll realise two-factor authentication on the service was badly required.

While the two-factor authentication on Twitter should’ve been a feature on the platform a few years back, it’s still not a bad time to upgrade the security measures as the company works on other updates too.

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication?

Although Twitter’s two-factor authentication wasn’t as good to begin with, the latest update adds support for third party apps like Google Authenticator to secure user accounts and here we look at how to enable it.

  • Login to your Twitter account and head to settings which can be found on the dropdown menu accessible by clicking on your display picture on the top panel.
  • Find ‘Security’ under the Accounts heading and click on ‘Verify login requests’.
  • Twitter will ask you to add a phone number in case one hasn’t been added yet.
  • You’ll find three options, select ‘Setup a code generator app’ and then scan the barcode or enter security key via your third party authentication app.
  • You’ll find a new code generator in your authenticator app under Twitter heading, which will be used when you login to your account.
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The two-factor authentication on Twitter using Google Authenticator or the likes is surely going to provide additional security to the users and will make it difficult for hackers to gain access to a account on the service.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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