Google Introduces Scroll Lock Anchoring for Chrome

Misclicks are so common these days that it’s almost a given that every time a page starts loading on your Google Chrome browser, it’ll result in you tapping on some link unintentionally due to a shift in the page.


The shift usually happens due to the page loading some content after you have gained access to the page — like an image or an advertisement graphic maybe.

Engineers at Google seem to have been irritated by this fact, as were the users, and have finally fixed the issue of page jumps.

Google has now introduced a ‘scroll lock anchor’ which ensures that page loading doesn’t affect what the user is reading or watching — preventing any page jumps from happening and locking the content on the device.

“With the newest Chrome update, we’re introducing something called scroll anchoring, which locks the content you’re currently looking at to the screen, keeping you in the same spot so you can keep reading,” the company stated.

Elliott Brown | Flickr

So now whenever you open a page, there is no worry of you clicking on some link by mistake or even having to scroll up/down back to where you were on the page.

Per se, you’ve opened an article and as soon as your scroll to the second paragraph your screen somehow jumps right to the top of the page.

“Scroll anchoring is one of our favourite kinds of features — those that shine when no one notices them. Today we’re preventing an average of almost three jumps per pageview,” the company added.

This means that the update doesn’t solve the issue completely but does enhance a user’s experience.

The new update to Google Chrome browser is a much welcome move by the company as it does away with an annoying issue that had been clouding the users for a large time and ensures a smoother experience on the internet.

Google has been trying to make its services more accessible to people and recently launched Google Play streaming service in India and YouTube Go app.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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