PewDiePie Starts Stream­ing a Week­ly Show on Twitch


YouTube sensation PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, streamed the first episode of his new weekly show ‘Best Club’ on his Twitch channel called Netglow last Sunday and it look quite family friendly.


In February, Disney cut ties with one of the most top-rated YouTube stars after the Wall Street Journal reported the YouTuber putting up videos with clips of anti-semitic content on his channel which currently has north of 54 million subscribers.

PewDiePie had announced at the end of his YouTube video on April 6 that he’ll be starting the Twitch channel and also mentioned that him starting a new channel on Twitch has nothing to do with his feud over anti-semitic videos posted on YouTube.

“I decided this before anything happened with YouTube so don’t read it in the wrong way but I wanted to start doing streams on Twitch. So, we’re going to do a weekly stream,” Felix said.

As an aftermath of his anti-semitic videos, Google had also removed him from their preferred advertising network for family friendly content creators, demonetising a chunk of his videos and even ended up putting breaks on his second season on YouTube Red.

Netglow 2

The YouTuber, who rose to fame due to his gaming and pranks videos, struck a deal with Disney last year, getting an affiliation with Disney’s Maker Studio, where he ran his own network called Revelmode.

“Netglow is the brand I wanted RevelMode to be but no one liked the name,” Felix added.

The Netglow channel is currently crowdsourced by people donating money via the streaming platform which is also used by other YouTubers mainly for streaming games.

Twitch also has a ‘partner’ programme which pays out 50% dividends to the creators — same as YouTube — but there is a catch.

If your channel is streaming at least thrice a week and abides by Twitch’s code of conduct, terms of service and DMCA guidelines then they receive a subscribe button for their channel. Every subscriber pays $4.99 per month to the content creator to access the channel in its entirety.

PewDiePie is currently producing a single show per week and until he can add on more creators like he did at RevelMode and create more shows, becoming a Twitch Partner seems like a long road which is only made better by crowdsourcing which is currently supporting Netglow.

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