Here is How to Access Deleted Reddit Comments

In normal circumstances, something deleted off a comments thread is lost forever but due to the API of Reddit, it has been made possible for developers to recover the deleted comments from the website.

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There are a number of apps that can help you find the deleted comment which might just have been a troll comment or moderated for abusive language.

If you’re interested in going through the comment history of a post in its entirety then you will find these websites and extension to be of some use.

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Actually, nothing on the internet ever gets deleted because of a number of archive websites, like the WayBack Machine and more are storing the history of the internet in one way or the other.



Uneddit is one of the most popular services to access deleted Reddit comments and it’s easy to use too.

You just have to visit their website, drag the blue ‘Uneddit’ button to your bookmark bar, then head to the Reddit comment page which you want to view.

Once on the post that you wish to see the deleted comments for, click on the ‘Uneddit’ bookmark link you just created and you should be able to see the deleted comments highlighted in red.

The service has been reported to have a few bugs when it comes to showing deleted comments on new posts but works fine on posts older than a day.

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The service only has data for comments that were posted since they began storing it, so you might not find deleted comments for age-old posts on Reddit.



Resavr is another useful tool to provide you access to deleted Reddit comments but the catch is the comment can be no longer than 1000 characters.

Resavr doesn’t have an extension tool like Uneddit to provide the deleted comments on the Reddit website, rather all the deleted comments can be accessed via the Resavr website itself.

The service also tells you how long the deleted comment lasted on Reddit.



Ceddit gets a witty name and also a detailed dark-themed Reddit-like website which allows you to browse through the community. You can navigate through the website like you would on Reddit itself and find posts with comments — both undeleted and deleted.

The service, though a tad bit slower than the actual Reddit website, lets you browse through all the comments made on that post and even tries to identify who deleted the comment.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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