Perfect Tempered Glass for Redmi Note 4

We here at Guiding Tech take huge pride in the fact that we take great care of our devices. Be it smartphones, computers or any hand-held devices. So a couple of weeks back while we were comparing the Redmi Note 4 and the Moto G5 Plus, the delicate nature of the Redmi Note 4 caught our eye. It’s a beautifully sleek phone and it would be a shame to have the glass shatter, wouldn’t it?

Redmi Note 4 Tempered Glass

Putting on a tempered glass is the most available solution. But then, the same question, which one? After a lot of research, we found the perfect solution — the Cassiey screen protector for Redmi Note 4.

What’s more, the application is so easy that you can do it in the comforts of your home.

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Cassiey Screen Protector

Cassiey is a glass screen protector with 2.5D curved edges and is made especially for the Redmi Note 4 devices.

What’s more, it gives an edge to edge protection without spoiling the look of the device.

The product is available on Amazon at a reasonable rate and is available in two colors – Black and Gold.

Redmi Note 4 Tempered Glass 2 1024X576

The packaging is strong and sturdy which makes sure that the content is not damaged in transit.

Box Contents

The Cassiey screen protector comes with four additional contents apart from the actual protector – wet wipes, dry wipes, a dust absorber and a pair of stickers to guide you in the process.

Redmi Note 4 Tempered Glass 3 1024X576

Beyond these tools, you can also keep a credit card or any plastic card handy, to lend finishing touches at the end.


  • Room with minimum dust and humidity
  • Oil free hands

Humid environments are less preferred as the humidity in the air gives rise to the dreaded rainbow effect on the screen. So let’s begin.

#1. Align the stickers

Align the guided stickers along the edge of the phone, so that half of the part sticks to the phone, while the other half will hold the screen protector in place. Once done, with precise calculation, align the protector against the phone’s screen and attach the guided stickers. Make sure that the hardware capacitive keys are aligned neatly against the screen protector.

Redmi Note 4 1024X509
Redmi Note 4 Tempered Glass 5

As seen above, the (initial) finished product should look like a foldable screen.

#2. Clean Up

Aforesaid, the Cassiey screen protector packs in two cleaning option – the wet wipes and dry wipes. And you guessed right, the first step involves wiping the screen clean with the wet wipes. Once that’s completed, follow it up with the dry wipes.

Redmi Note 4 Tempered Glass 6
While you are at it, do remember to go gentle on the cleanup process, so that you don’t end up with a damaged screen before arming it with a protector.

#3. Absorb the Dust

Unarguably, the most important step in the cleanup process. In this one, you’ll have to place the absorber against the phone screen repeatedly until the screen is speckless.

This small piece of absorber leaves no mark on the screen and prevents small bubbles from sprouting once the screen protector is in place. Be sure to apply it on the phone bezels too.

#4. Lift the Veil

Once you are done mopping the phone screen, now comes the time to lift the veil off the screen protector. Using the edge, lift off the thin film, however, do make sure not to accidently touch the underside of the protector.

Redmi Note 4 Tempered Glass 9

Place the protector firmly over the screen, aligning with the buttons and the sensors on the top and remove the stickers from the side of the phone.

Now, using a plastic card lined with the wet wipes, stride gently along the screen to remove any air pockets within the two layers. Follow that up with a dry wipe in a similar way.
Redmi Note 4 Tempered Glass 12 1024X576

That’s it, now you have a layer of sturdy glass, protecting you against a myriad of scratches or accidental falls. And that too, without ruining the look of your device.

Redmi Note 4 Tempered Glass 13
Cool Tip:

When are You Starting?

Undoubtedly, a screen protector plays a huge role in guarding your device. Though you may feel that these guards can spoil the look, but then, it’s better than having a cracked screen, right?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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