13 Best Samsung Galaxy A5/A7 (2017) Features

It’s just been a month that Samsung has refreshed the A-series lineup with Samsung A5 and A7 (2017) version in India. The A5 being loaded with a 5.2 inch Super AMOLED display, rounded corners and a full glass panel — this phone has all the looks of a sleek premium device.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Running on Android Marshmallow with Samsung’s TouchWizz UI, there are a lot of nifty features that can prove to be useful for user’s day-to-day use. And what’s best is that we have handpicked the best 13 features for you in this article

1. Multitasking

With Nougat, Android had brought in a new feature called the split windows to enable multi-tasking. Though Samsung A5 is based on Android Marshmallow, you still get this nifty feature.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 6
Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 7

To open any two apps in this mode, long-press on the recents menu and choose the app of your choice. So, enjoy the features of the Nougat, even without upgrading.

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2. Always on Display

The Samsung Galaxy A5 sports a 5.2-inch full HD Super AMOLED display equipped with the Always on Display (AOD) which means that you don’t need to tap the power button now and again to see the notifications or time.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 9
Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 8

What’s more, you can even customize this feature from settings and get the things that you love. For instance, you can have two different clocks on the home screen. You can select from three different layouts — clock, calendar or an image.

Even if you choose a non-image content, you can have your choice of cool images as background wallpapers and let it shine in all its dark glory.

3. Samsung Pay

Galaxy A5 comes bundled with Samsung pay — a safe, secure easy way to make your transactions. What’s more, unlike a few of its counterparts like Apple Pay or Android Pay, Samsung Pay is equipped to work in both NFC and MST. This two technology makes it possible to make payments almost everywhere.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 21
Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 23

Making a payment with Samsung Pay is as easy as pie. All you have to do is register the card details and tap or align your phone against the PoS. Enter the PIN and the transaction is complete.

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4. Secure Folder

Another one of the Galaxy A5’s cool features is the secure folder option. Available in the Advanced features, this one lets you create a secured vault within the phone.

Armed with a lock option like a pin or a password, this folder lets you have a parallel Gallery, email account or a notes app.

For instance, if you’d like to lock a picture or a document, open the said object, tap on the three dot menu and tap on Move to secure folder. You have the option to choose how soon the secured app locks themselves up.

5. One-Handed Mode

Though the 5.2-inch Galaxy A5 is quite handy to use, but not all of us folks are built equal and some of us crave for an even smaller display. Worry not, the Gods up at Samsung have heard our prayers and have packed in the nifty one-handed mode.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 10
Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 12

This mode lets you adjust the position of the layout, and all it requires is three taps on the home button to activate it.

6. Quick Camera Launch

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true, but if and only if, you manage to snap a picture at the correct time. Galaxy A5 gives the perfect feature to grab pictures in a jiffy. All you need to do is tap on the home button twice and the camera will be launched right away.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 13

The setting for this can be found under the camera settings. What’s more, you can enable the floating notification to have an extra shutter button anywhere on the screen.

7. Wide Angled Selfie

Remember the last time all of your buddies crammed to fit into a selfie? Although, it can be fun but it becomes a bit difficult if the group is huge. The Galaxy A5 has a solution to it in the form of wide angled selfie.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 16

So the next time you have a huge get-together, enable this setting and have all of your friends in one frame without squeezing in.

It works much the panorama mode, click the central part of the image first and move the camera in the straight line towards the left and right.

8. Notification Reminder

Notification reminder lets you set reminders for unread notifications on your phone. Notifications can be overwhelming and while we tend to ignore them most of the time, this feature makes double sure that you don’t miss the important ones.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 2

The setting for this can be found under Notifications > Notification Reminder. All you need to do is select the important app and set the notification time.

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9. Smart Stay

Smart stay uses the front camera of the device to detect when a screen is being used and stays awake despite the screen timeout interval. When most of the research is done online these days, this feature surely saves you from a lot of annoying unlocking attempts.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 18

This feature will continue to work as long as it’s held upright and your face is visible to the camera. Plus the surrounding lighting conditions also plays in this feature working correctly.

10. Find my Mobile

The Find my mobile features a few settings like remote controls and location service that prove to be super helpful when your device gets lost. From something trivial like making your phone ring to something serious like wiping the data off the phone, this feature needs to be surely enabled.

Find My Mobile

Built similar to Google’s device manager, the web version of Find my Mobile will let you do the controlling part such as locking the Samsung Pay or disable the power button.

11. Game Tools

Previously featured on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, game tools is essentially a set of tools which would enhance your gaming experience. From recording your gaming session to moving onto a do not disturb mode, this one has all the features wrapped up in a floating bubble.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 4

The features for this is also under Advanced features. The whole Advanced features tab is nifty, I tell you. What’s more, it creates a folder called the Game Launcher on the home screen, which has all the games under it.

12. Easy Mode

On a lookout for bigger font size and huge icons, or in other words a simple layout? Galaxy A5 packs in this feature which lets you have super big icons and fonts.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 20
Samsung Galaxy A5 Features 19

Even the notification shade undergoes a dramatic change. If you ask me, this feature does ruin the sleek look of the A5, but then, not everyone is built equal, so there might be few folks who find it interesting.

13. Themes and Wallpapers

The Galaxy a5 comes packed with a plethora of themes and wallpapers. Long-press on the home screen and tap on the themes and wallpaper icon and you will be immediately transformed into a world of colorful and classy themes.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Features

In conclusion, the Galaxy packs in a handful of impressive features which will definitely make your experience better. And coupled with the vibrant and rich display, this device will definitely give others a run for their money.

So, how many of these did you know?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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