How to Convert PDF to EPUB, MOBI or HTML

Few days ago, I talked about setting up and reading free ebooks on Kindle For PC. It’s a cool software actually because not only it provides a great interface for reading ebooks, it also has dictionary lookup and ability to highlight text and add notes. So you could use it for reading all the PDF books and manuals you have got, but how do you go about adding them to the tool?

By default it only accepts some formats, one of which being .MOBI. Hence we’ll need to convert PDF to MOBI and then add it to the My Kindle Documents folder. In this article we’ll talk about that, and also talk about how to convert PDF to EPUB and HTML. We’ll use a free software called Calibre and also look at an online tool called Zamzar that gets the job done.

Calibre is a nice ebook management tool that provides a neat interface for managing your ever increasing collection of ebooks and PDF docs. It also has PDF conversion features and can help you convert PDF to EPUB, MOBI, HTML and other such formats.

Using Calibre to Convert PDF to EPUB, MOBI or HTML

The first step in this process is obviously downloading Calibre and installing it. The interface would look like what you see below after you are done installing.

Using Calibreto Convert Pdfto Epubmobior Html1

There’s an Add Books button on the top left (or top right of the window). You’ll first need to add the PDF file that you intend to convert to a different format.

Using Calibreto Convert Pdfto Epubmobior Html2

The book will show up in the list once you have added it. Now you can right-click and select the Convert books option. Click on Convert individually.

Using Calibreto Convert Pdfto Epubmobior Html3

The Convert window would have the input and output options at the top two corners, and you can use them to decide the output format of the book.

Using Calibreto Convert Pdfto Epubmobior Html4

Click OK and the conversion should start. If you didn’t select a different output folder during the setup process, the converted file would be saved in the Calibre Library folder in C:\Users\Username folder. The time taken to convert would depend on the size of the file. The larger the PDF file, the larger the time taken to convert it to MOBI, EPUB or any other format.

Using Zamzar to Convert PDF to EPUB, MOBI or HTML is a cool online file conversion tool that can convert a variety of file formats from one format to another. And that includes converting PDF to EPUB or MOBI or many more such formats.

The interface of the tool is simple, and you just need to upload the file, select the output format, enter your email and click convert. The converted file will be delivered to you via email.

Usingzamzartoconvert Pdfto Epubmobiand Html

If you want to read the MOBI books on your Kindle, you’ll have to manually drag  them to your My Kindle Content folder which you’ll find in your My Documents folder in Windows.


That’s about it. If you know about more such tools that can effortlessly convert PDF books or manuals to other formats like the .mobi for Kindle, .epub and more, let us know in the comments.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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