FIFA 17 and 6 Other Titles Coming to EA Access and Origin Access


EA Sports has announced that a number of titles including FIFA 17, Dragon Age: Origins and more will be made available in the next two months for EA Access members of Xbox One and Origin Access members on PC.

While FIFA 17 will be rolled out this month itself on April 21, the rest of the games which include a first-person shooter as well as role-playing game will be accessible by the end of June.

A total of 7 games are being added for Access members with EA Access (Xbox) members getting a total of 3 new titles and Origin Access (PC) members bagging a total of 5 titles.

FIFA 17 will be available to both EA Access and Origin Access members via ‘The Vault’.

Titles Added for EA Access (Xbox One)

Electronic Arts
  • Dragon Age: Origins — The game is an RPG which is set in a rich fantasy world with emotionally-driven narratives mixed with interactive digital actors who indulge in combat using powerful magical abilities.
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne — Set up in the World War II era, players are dropped from the air into gruelling battlegrounds. One of the most popular FPS games with a different storyline as well as gameplay.

Availability of both these games depends on your location.

Titles Added for Origin Access (PC)

Electronic Arts
  • Pony Island — A puzzle game where you are trapped inside a malfunctioning arcade machine.
  • Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection — A classic real-time strategy game collection which houses 10 full games and 7 expansions.
  • Hacknet — Follow the instructions of a deceased hacker who has died but not in an accident as reported by the media, in this terminal-based hacking simulator.
  • Orwell — Enter a totalitarian state where you are the big brother and are responsible for investigating the lives of the citizens to find the perpetrators.

Availability of Pony Island and Command & Conquer depends on your location.

EA Access is available to Xbox One users for a monthly cost of $4.99 and yearly subscription costs $29.99, which is the same cost incurred by Origin Access members.

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