4 Useful Sites to Make Free (or Very Cheap) International Calls

Considering the way globalization has connected people around the world in the past few years, it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that most of you reading this make international calls now and then to friends, relatives or business associates. And that isn’t usually cheap unless you use some creative methods to make those calls.

This article will talk about 4 sites that can help you make free or very cheap international calls. Of course it’s mostly through VoIP, and of course there are many more such services available. But these are the ones I found that worked well. Lets check them out.


Evaphone (now discontinued) is a simple, no-frills service that makes use of VoIP to offer 2 free international calls and the rest at very cheap rates. It doesn’t even require you to register. Just dial the number using their keypad and get rolling.


Their dialer has 3 tabs, namely Phone, Free minutes and Price. The Price tab has a complete list of the countries you can call and the price in US dollars per minute, including any taxes.


Jaxtr makes use of its own local access numbers to connect people in different countries. Here’s how it works – You enter your and your friend’s number on their site and get the local Jaxtr number. You call that up and then dial your friend’s number after the prompt. At the other end, your friend is sent a local access number through SMS, and he has to call in too. That’s how both of you talk to each other while paying local charges.



iCall, like Evaphone, uses the VoIP technology to make international calling free (or very cheap). The tool is available as a web based service as well as a software for Windows and iPhone/iPod touch. Free calls are available to  the US and Canada, cheap long distance calls elsewhere.



If you are in the US, you can use Freephone2phone to make free 10-minute international calls to landlines in most of the other countries and to cellphones in certain countries. It has a local phone number on the site for a huge number of US cities which could be used to make free international calls. The only caveat here is that you’d have to listen to 1 or 2 audio ads before you can enjoy your 10 minutes of free calling.


Apart from the above sites, there’s always Skype, and even our very own Gmail. Yes, Gmail has that call phone thing that connects with Google Voice too. If you are in a country where Gmail hasn’t enabled this feature yet, you can use this trick to get that working.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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