How to Stop Google’s Personalised Ads

You must already know that Google ad units on various websites serve ads that are relevant to your needs and Google knows what’s relevant to you by going through your browsing history — but there is a way you can make this stop.


It must have happened to you a lot many times that you get ads of things you were just searching on unrelated websites a little later.

Per se, if you were searching for flight tickets or about a new smartphone then the ad units on the next website you visit will show you ads about flight tickets or the said smartphone, respectively.

Now, as useful as this might be, it can also get irritating at times and creepy too. The major concern is that Google is learning about you as you browse to serve you better ads and probably building a profile of your likes, dislikes, interests and more.

It wouldn’t be news to you if I said that we live in a world where surveillance is reaching new heights, and certainly you won’t be surprised if I told you that Google is recording your searches and where you’ve been in the past few years, or does it?

Google’s data collection practices have become the norm, but for those of you who are as or less or maybe even more concerned about their privacy, read on ahead as we discuss how to get rid customised targeted Google ads while you surf the web.

How to Turn Off Personalised Ads?

You’ll need to head to your Google Account page in order to get started. After you’re logged in, find ‘Ads Settings’ on the page and click on it.


You’ll be redirected to a new page; find ‘Manage Ad Settings’ and click on the link which will redirect you to another page.


You’ll see ‘Ads Personalisation’ header on this page and next to it is a toggle button which is kept ‘on’ by default.


Once you toggle it off, you’ll see a popup (as seen in the image below) which informs you what all features you’ll be losing if you opt-out. Don’t worry, losing those features won’t hurt your browsing experience even a bit.


Google will offer you alternatives to Google Ads such as Ad Choices and more but skip those too, they’re not worth the trouble — in short, you’re better off without tailor-made ads.

Turning off personalised ads doesn’t mean that you won’t be seeing Google ads at all.

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Google ads will be displayed as normal on all the websites you visit, just they might or might not be relevant to you — will be mostly based on the website’s content.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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