Top 21 Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

The thumb rule of boosting productivity at work is simple — know all the shortcuts that are available. Especially when we spend a major chunk of the day online, it’s only imperative that one is well versed with all the keyboard shortcuts. The tool of the day is Google Chrome and we have assembled a list of the top 21 keyboard shortcuts for Chrome.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

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1. Reopen Closed Tab

All hail the dead tab when it rises again. How? Just a tab on Ctrl + Shift +T and voila, the dead page has been resurrected. This trick especially comes in great use when a web page accidently gets closed.

If you want to work your way back through the history, consecutive hits on Ctrl+Shift+T will do the trick.

2. Close a Tab

Now that the work is done on a tab, clutching the mouse wheel to hover around the X button seem such a tedious task, right? Well, the earth has many lazy people like me.

X Button

Just hold the Ctrl key and press W, the page will be uprooted in a flash.

3. Minimise Window

Perhaps you’re stealing a few moments on the internet when you should be working and your boss just happens to whizz by.

Instead of scrambling for the mouse to minimize the window, simply memorize this nifty trick — Win+M.

This should do the trick of minimizing the open windows in a jiffy.

4. Open Link in New Window

Surely we all know that Ctrl+Link opens a new tab in the same window. Replace Ctrl with Shift, and you’ll have the link open in a brand new window.

5. Zoom Out to Normal

Who needs peering into a web page, if you have some awesome shortcuts to zoom. Yes, I am talking about the Ctrl+ + and the Ctrl+–  shortcuts which act as the magnifying glass and beyond.

Zoom In
But sometimes, restoring the page back to its previous glory may need a tad more taps on the minus key. A nifty solution that presents itself in the way of Ctrl + 0 (Zero) which does the work all too easily.

6. Jump to a Tab

Yet again, I will cite the example of scrambling for the mouse when the boss whizzes by. Jump to a tab merely by pressing Ctrl+ Number (1 through 8) to jump to the tab of your choice (online research is important, you see).

7. Jump to the Page bottom

On long articles and new posts, scrolling through the page using the mouse wheel can turn out to be a bit tedious. If you ask me, over a long duration, my hands develop a certain pain.

So a nifty way to scroll a page is by using the space key. Just hit the spacebar and it will scroll to the exact place where you had left.

8. Select All on the Address Bar

Need to type in a new page name in the address bar. No, don’t reach for the mouse yet. Just hit Alt+D and the address bar will be highlighted and selected for you to type in.

Jump To Address Bar

Alternative to the above shortcut: Ctrl + L

9. Add Prefixes and Suffixes

Because writing www and .com are just so passé.

Type in the page name and press Ctrl+Enter, the prefixes and the suffixes to the web address will be automatically added.

10. Google It

The term Google‘ is more of a verb now and should it not be, when it’s so easy to search almost anything on the web. And when you can do it from the comforts of your current window, the joy is even multiplied.

Google It
Press Ctrl+K and type in your query. Yes, you still don’t need to reach out to the mouse.

11. Open File

Need to open the file manager to head over to settings? The seemingly straightforward trick of pressing Alt+F does the trick. After which you can use the up/down keys to navigate the menu.

Open File

Did you know you can open any file from your desktop (or any folder) in Chrome? Press Ctrl+O and you are good to go. From pictures to documents, you can bring anything to the browser.

12. Switch User

Wish to switch user or add a new user seamlessly? Press Ctrl + Shift + M and you are all set to go. The rest of the job can be handled by the up/down keys.

13. Open Bookmark Manager

It’s a common knowledge that Ctrl+D adds a bookmark, but what if you wanted to view the whole library of bookmarks? A simple press on Ctrl+Shift+O opens up the bookmark manager quite seamlessly.

14. Save all Open Pages

The battery is about to die and you want to bookmark all the pages at one go? Ctrl+Shift+D does the trick rather neatly. All you have to do is name the new folder and hit enter and a new folder will be created having all the details.

Save All Page
In the case of accidental crashes, an extension which goes by the name of Session Buddy may help you in recovering pages lost in sudden crashes.

15. See the Memory Usage

One of the good things about Chrome is that multiple web pages can run at the same time, thanks to its multi-process architecture. However, not all web pages are built equal, and unfortunately, some simply excel in the task of crashing. In such a situation, Chrome’s built-in task manager can help you identify the culprit.

Task Manager

All you need to do is hit Shift + Esc and the task manager will be visible to you. It even details the usage by the extensions as well.

16. Purge All Data

Wish to delete the whole browsing history and data? A simultaneous hit on Ctrl + Shift + Delete will do the trick. After which, you can use the Tab and Enter keys to select and deselect the options.

17. Toggle the Developer Tool

The developer tool has been lending developers the helping hand in identifying the hits and misses of web apps development over many years. While inspecting the elements (Ctrl+Shift+C) has been a blessing in disguise, another nifty feature is enabling the Inspector mode.


Press Ctrl+Shift+I and it will bring up the inspector, from where you can select the web responsive option and select the device of your choice.

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18. Search by Image

On a hunt to find a clone of the image in your favorite website? Worry not, Chrome has you covered on that aspect as well.

Search By Image
Press S and right click on the image. A new tab will open with the Google image search for the same having all the info about it, as well as the visually similar images.

19. Switch to the Last tab

Wish to go to the last open tab? A press on Ctrl+9 will immediately transform you to the last open tab.

20. Bring the Toolbar into Focus

The Chrome toolbar is a rather helpful companion when you have a slew of Chrome extensions. And opening one in just a few shortcuts is an absolute delight.

All you need to do is press Shift+Alt+T and Tab away to the particular extension.

21. Over and Out

So all the work in Chrome is complete and it needs to be closed. Hit the Ctrl+Shift +Q to quit Chrome.

That’s a Wrap

Google Chrome is an interesting blend of features and hidden settings that make it all the more interesting. And it’s beyond a doubt that its slew of amazing shortcuts makes work so much more easier and makes you more productive at the same time. So go ahead and be super productive.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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