Check All Your Google Account Relat­ed Infor­ma­tion in Google Dash­board [Quick Tip]

In all probability you are someone who uses Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Picasa and many more of the myriad other online services that are owned by Google and hence require a Google account to use. If you are looking for a single interface that lets you take a quick look at the important data associated with these services, and manage their settings, then Google Dashboard is something you should bookmark.

google dashboard 1

As you can see above, it’s a list of all the Google products you use, your email addresses associated with them, and other important links.

You can also use the Google Dashboard to take a quick look at some numbers that you give you an idea about how much do you use a Google service. Following image shows one of my Gmail accounts (yeah, am dependent on it, I know).

google dashboard 2

So, remember this neat Google page and use it as and when needed.

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