5 Cool Sites to Learn Touch Typing For Free

The thing about touch typing is that as a skill it is ignored and underrated. Granted you’ll learn it automatically if you use the computer for 14 hours a day for a few months (or may be a year) but if you invest some time in learning it consciously, you’ll find that it goes a long way in making you more productive at whatever you do that involves a keyboard.

There are some nice websites where you can learn touch typing for free. If you can already touch type a bit, you could use these sites to practice, and perfect the art. Check them out and bookmark the ones you like.

1. Keybr

Keybr is probably the simplest of the sites that teach touch typing for free. It has a colorful and easy to understand interface that can help you get started really quick. As you start typing, the letters you miss are highlighted in red so that you know where you are going wrong.

Keybr Comlearntouchtypingforfree

There’s also a neat keybr bookmarklet that you’ll find in their Goodies section. This bookmarklet lets you import the content of any webpage into keybr’s interface.

2. Good Typing

Goodtyping.com offers a free touch typing learning course that teach you the basics of correct hand and finger placements, and then provides starter as well as advanced lessons to help you learn touch typing the right way. The courses are available in various languages and for different types of keyboards.


3. PowerTyping

Powertyping.com has touch typing lessons and typing games. As you see in the first screenshot below, it wants you to start by selecting one of the two keyboard types (Qwerty and Dvorak) and shows lessons accordingly. The lessons it offers are quite comprehensive and everyone, irrespective of his or her age, can easily understand and practice the lessons.

Powertyping Comlearntouchtypingforfree1
Powertyping Comlearntouchtypingforfree2

4. Typing Speed Test

You’ve started learning touch typing and now want to check how fast you can touch type. That’s where this site called Typing Speed Test should come in handy. The site’s objective is as simple as its name – it helps you check your typing speed. It shows some sentences and runs a 60 second timer daring you to type as fast as you can. Simple and effective.


5. Sense-Lang.org

Sense-lang.org offers free as well as premium touch typing tutorials along with a certification once you pass the final tests. The free program should be enough for starters because it has all kinds of lessons and courses.


Do you know of any other such sites that help you learn touch typing for free? Let us know in the comments.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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