Top 10 Free Android Apps for April 2017

Undoubtedly, the Android market is huge and it sees a significant number of apps and games being released every month. Although it might be difficult for you to keep a tab on every new release, we have done the hard work for you and assembled a list of the best free Android apps from last month.

10 Best Apps Android 2

And you never know, you might end up getting a few onboard. So, let’s check them out.

1. Accu Battery

AccuBattery is the doctor of your phone’s battery. It’s said that a phone shouldn’t be ideally charged beyond 80% as every charging session causes a bit of wear and tear. So, it’s recommended, that a phone should only be charged till 80%.
So how do you achieve that? AccuBattery comes up with a unique idea of setting an alarm for the charging session, so that as soon as the charge reaches 80%, it would sound an alarm.

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Beyond the battery alarm, the app is teaming with helpful features. From displaying the amount of juice left to displaying the amount of juice consumed by apps, this brilliantly structured doctor takes on battery statistics like a pro.

What’s more, you can even check the charging/discharging speed and the health of the battery. The interface is seamless and I bet, it’ll make a permanent home on your device.

2. Key Mapper

If you want to go beyond the normal functions of your phone’s hardware keys, then the Key Mapper will be the ideal choice. It remaps the hardware navigation keys and lets you assign some specific actions to them. For instance, a simple tap on the home button would take you to the home screen, a double tap can open the calendar app and a long press will open the navigation shade.

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Currently, this app supports only three buttons — Home, Recents and Back; sadly the volume keys have been left out. Key Mapper will let you configure around two actions per button.

Aforementioned this app would work on phones with hardware keys, so if you own a Samsung device or a Motorola device, you can give this app a skip.

Try the Button Mapper which remaps the volume rockers

3. Volkey – Volume Keys Scrolling

Because using the volume rockers just for volume control is so mainstream. With Volkey Scroll you can use the rockers to scroll across a page. This app will prove to be essentially useful if you use only one hand to operate your device.

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10 Best Apps April 2017 12

All you need to do is, select the apps for which you would like to have this functionality, save the setting and voila, you are done! There’s even a global activation switch which will enable the functionality for all the installed apps.

And if there arises a conflict of interest, as in when you’d like to lower the volume while you’re on one the selected apps, you can just pull down the notification shade and deactivate the app.

4. Meteor – App Speed Test

Meteor is speed test with a slight twist. Not only it will enlighten you with the data speed at your end, but it will also let you know what you can expect from the apps at that speed. With speed ratings ranging from poor to awesome, this one’s sure a unique way to determine network speed, I would say.

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It has a total of 16 apps that you can choose from, the notable ones among them are YouTube, Facebook, and Google Chrome. Moreover, you can even have a glimpse of your network speed in various locations and at various points of time.

5. Nougat Quick Settings

Surely, the Quick Settings menu is handy enough, but what if you wanted more? How about launching an app directly from the menu.  Nougat Quick Settings harnesses the power of the quick settings menu and lets you do so much more.

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10 Best Apps April 2017 1

All you need to do is launch the NQS app and toggle the Application switch to on. Once that’s done, head over to Quick Settings (edit mode) and add the icon named as application. Choose the app name and ta-da, the app shortcut will be resting comfortably on the menu. After all, you wouldn’t like to disrupt the perfect home screen, correct?

From apps to volume sliders, you can have anything on your menu. The rest, I presume you’ll be curious to explore on your own. As indicative of the name, this app will work only on Nougat and above.

6. Khabri – Hindi Audio News

Khabri is for the folks who are always on the go and yet wants to stay on top of every piece of news. This app enables you to listen to news (just like the good old times) from the comforts of your smartphone, and parallelly complete your work on a different app.

Perhaps browsing through the Twitter feed?

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So, what you’ve to do is, set up the app, select the language (it’s also available in Hindi) and listen to the auto queue of news. You can also choose to select the news article on your own.

The news bits are short and crisp and there are many categories available for browsing. What’s more, you can create your own playlist.

7. GlassWire – Data Usage Privacy

GlassWire is an app that can monitor the network data in real time and tell you exactly which app consumed data at what point of time. So, if you find your data doing a disappearing act in the middle of the month, you can now catch the culprit quite easily.

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It uses an informative graph to display the usage, which you can customize accordingly. And just in case an app initiates a network connection, you will be notified of the same through alerts in the notification shade.

8. Titan Attacks!

Now comes the new games that were launched last month. First is Titan Attacks! A revamped version of the popular arcade game called Space Invaders, it requires you to shoot swarms of aliens waiting to invade earth. As you move up the levels, the aliens also level up and soon you’ll find yourself battling giant bombers and huge motherships.

10 Best Apps April 2017 7

In the process of hitting an alien ship, you are awarded points which you can use to upgrade your ships. The game is free but contains ads in between.

What makes this game stand up starkly is because of its Neon lighting effects and cool sound effects. And hey while you get addicted to the game, stay aware of the falling debris.

9. RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch

RollerCoaster Tycoon from Atari, packs in amazing 3D graphics and requires you to build and manage an amusement park. The game which is slightly on the heavier side, 172 MB to be precise, will help you relive your nostalgia on your smartphone.

Roller Coaster

This new game promises a better memory optimization and if you’re a lover of strategic games, you should definitely give this one a try. The game is addictive and fun, and the next thing you know, you have already dedicated an hour or so to it.

10. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run finally made its debut on Android and you can never play enough of this game, as you guide the main protagonist Mario on his mission to save Princess Peach from Bowser. This game has more than just the typical gameplay, you can also play the rally and collect toads in the process.

Super Mario Run 2
Super Mario Run
Discover more of Super Mario secrets and how to fully expand the kingdom

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Try ’em Out!

So, now comes the important question, which ones will you download? I bet you’d be tempted to get the AccuBattery app and yeah, even Nougat Quick Settings is a real nifty app. So try ’em out and let us know your experience.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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