The Best 15 Sites for Home Decor and Design

Spring is upon us and if you ask me there’s no better time for renewal and rejuvenation of souls and of our lovely abodes. And while you wrap up the spring cleaning, how about giving a makeover to this lovely abode of yours? The internet can be compared to a never-ending labyrinth of ideas and when it comes to home design and decor inspirations, it never fails to impress.

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And the wonderful thing about these websites is that you don’t have to shell out an awful lot of moolah to rake in the Instagram-worth decor. All it needs is a bit of idea to give the necessary push, an eye for creativity and perhaps a dash of DIY and you’re good to go.

Today, we have assembled a list of 15 awesome sites for home decor and designs, loaded with the correct doses of ‘ideas’ (again) and inspirations.

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1. Houzz

There are very few sites that can match up to the impressive collection that Houzz boasts of. As rightly put in by Mashable, “Houzz Helps You Make Your House a Home” and it does so in a beautiful way. From rooms and wardrobes to garages and sheds, its formidable database can handle any nooks of your house smoothly.

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Beyond the stunning pictures, there’s a corner for guides as well which will guide you through the proper channel of lighting, styling and declutter (yes, that’s decor too).

Houzz Idea Book

What’s more, you can save your favorite ideas to an Ideabookto use it for later referrals.

2. Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar, the brainchild of Will Taylor, is an Alladin’s cave of gorgeous colors and contemporary designs. This self-confessed gentleman who is a firm believer of beige is boring, has quite an interesting take on blending colors and designs to make a space look crisp and clean.

Bright Bazaar

Moreover, you can even shop some of the products that are listed on the site. And as if the site weren’t enough of an inspiration, there’s even a hardcover which goes by the name of Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color For Make-You-Smile Style available at Amazon.

3. Coco Lapine Design

Not everyone likes loud and garish walls and furniture and for those folks, Coco Lapine Design is the perfect haven. Created by Belgian designer Sarah Van Peteghem, Coco Lapine brings in soft, minimalistic and soothing decor ideas to the foyer and boy, does she ace in it.

Coco Lapine Design

The lady handles dark tints and pastels like a pro and yet brings in a cheerful look. Not everything requires color to stand out, you see.

4. Style by Emily Henderson

If only you could go deeper into Style…

Style, created by the prominent stylist, TV host and author Emily Henderson brings in gorgeous fresh designs within a budget. So, whatever designs you are searching for — hues of blue, sea of pastel pink or a luscious collection of frames — you’d have everything at your fingertips.

Emily Henderson1

The USP is that the products are locally available, without you having to stretch your wallet to rein in the designs.

The designs are stylish and drool-worthy, and the next thing you know, you’re already placing an order for the coffee table book.

5. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and home decor go hand-in-hand. This site is an eclectic blend of makeovers, designs, and decor. From the simplest idea on the best way to organize a kitchen to containing the blueprint of a master bedroom, this site caters to each and every whim that you can come up with.

Martha Stewart

Prepare to feast your eyes with the before-and-after experiments and extensive makeovers — right down to the bathroom. Plus, there’s a Martha Stewart collection, where you can shop for the products listed on the site.

6. The East Coast Desi

How about blending a tad of contemporary Indian decor into your lovely abodes? The East Coast Desi strives to do just that. Created by interior decorator Shruthi in 2016, this site packs in ethnic Indian objet d’ art with a modern touch.

East Coast Desi

So don’t be surprised if you find traditional copper tumblers rubbing shoulders with a chic table lamp.

7. Nora Schneider

They say that with the right mix of objects and placements, you can scale the decor mountain. And Nora Schneider proves that point beyond a doubt. Though a designing firm in the true sense, their website harbors a multitude of bewitching images that can really make you want to launch a decor project right away.


And if you’re on the site, the Geneva summer home is a must see.

8. Ardesia Design

A site which mixes beautiful, eye-pleasing designs using bare minimum accessories, Ardesia Design takes home designs to a different minimalistic heaven. The site has the most soothing and ambient settings coupled with warm lighting in the background.


Moreover, you can download some of the design inspiration in the form of PDF from the press section. Bookmark this site if you’re on a lookout for simplistic furniture with a modern twist.

Speaking of PDF, learn the difference between DjVu and PDF.

9. Home & Design

Deas on our list is Home & Design. A site to look up for the amateur decorator, this has everything from landscaping to patio designs. The ensemble is simply great and that is just putting it mildly.

Home Design

Bookmark the site for incredible lighting ideas and you never know, you might just start building one on your own. The house designs aren’t bad too…if only the pictures were high definition images.

10. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy isn’t partial towards smaller spaces. So whether your sanctuary is a 500 square feet or 2000 square feet, it has neat ideas for every corner and space. Be prepared to be amazed as you browse through the ideas and inspirations and the before and after pics.

Apartment Therapy

The best thing about this site is that you’d be able to relate to the remodeling aspects so well, after all not everyone dwells in mansions and bungalows.

A special mention goes to the renters solutions which come packed with nifty hacks to make out the most of your rented place. If you ask me, the drilling-free solutions are to die for!

11. Southern Living

A house isn’t a home, till you have added a bit of personal touch to it. Perhaps, a family picture or a knick-knack collected during your travels? The DIY section of Southern Living is bound to leave you spellbound with its diverse decor projects and make your neighbors envy your home and garden.

Southern Living

And did someone just say Spring? Browse through the extensive list of  Spring decor ideas using fresh flowers. And yeah, they are totally doable.

12. Amber Interiors

For a designer who lives and breathes interior designing, Amber Interiors is a go-to blog for every decor enthusiast. Amber presents chic and stylish designs which are not over the top and completely feasible.

Amber Interiors

Just like Apartment Therapy, the designs aren’t just concentrated around huge remodeling projects but also lists easy and quick makeovers.

Amber Interiors

Perhaps, the most notable aspect is the Get The Look section which describes the design and also the place where you can shop for the same.

13. Lark & Linen

Lark & Linen is an excellent mix of home decor, DIY and tips & tricks all rolled into one. From eclectic accents to grand elegance, Jacquelyn Clark sure knows how to achieve the perfect balance in home decor.

Lark And Linen 1024X496

If you find yourself on this page, keep an eye out for the tip & tricks sections and the drool-worthy client reveals, especially the one on llprojectfaith.

PS:  L&L also contains mouth watering recipes

14. The Jungalow

The Jungalow’s gimmick is bohemian decor and describing the approach as lovely, would just be an understatement. From bedspreads colored in divine indigo to walls littered with colorful African baskets, the designs are colorful yet pleasing to the eye.

The Jungalow

What’s more, if you explore around the site, you’ll find a treasure trove of tutorials. Justina Blakeney is also the author of the bestselling book on decor called The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes.


Unarguably, pulling off a tastefully done home decor project is easier said than done. In such scenarios, Remodelista is the ideal website that can help you in pulling off the stunt (read remodeling). So whether it’s helping you with picking up the right faucet to choosing the correct lights, this site will artfully guide you through the whole process.


And yes, they also provide a lengthy description of the appliances just so you don’t land with the wrong device.

So, When are Your Starting?

As Juan Montoya puts in, “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create a fantasy”. So go ahead and jazz up your home, and before you know it, you’ll have an entirely new place of your own. So, why wait…bring out the design guru in you.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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