FUT Birthday Packs and 2 Other Things to Expect

EA Sports has confirmed that the much awaited FUT Birthday week will start on March 31, bringing loads of free stuff for FUT fans on the 8th birthday of one of the most popular game modes on FIFA.

Fut Birthday
EA Sports

The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) was started on March 19, 2009, with FIFA 09 but the company celebrates its anniversary usually a little later so as to not interfere with St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

An event page by EA Sports on Facebook indicates that the FUT Birthday week will end on April 8, making it a little longer than usual.

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As expected, throughout the week, FUT players will be given new packs, special players, squad challengers and potentially a special tournament to participate in too — enabling players to win even more free prizes.

Here are the three things you can expect during the FUT Birthday week.

Player Packs

Fut Pack

Usually, as seen in the previous FUT Birthday celebrations, one free pack is given out to players every day which can be redeemed in the evening, failing which those packs won’t be accessible.

Last year’s FUT Birthday, which lasted from March 21 to March 28, 2016, saw a gradual increment in the value of the packs as the week came to an end — starting with Gold packs on day one and ending with rare packs on the last day.

This time around we will probably see the same gradual increase in the value of the packs, while speculations persist that some of these packs might be untradeable.

FUT Birthday Tournament

Like every year, a special birthday tournament with increased rewards than the usual will be up for the players to participate in and try their luck.

The first online winner will also receive an exclusive EA-branded jersey for their club, in addition to a pool of coins.

Unstable Market

Fifa 17 Cover

An unstable transfer market is expected since a lot of packs from Bronze to Rare will be made available to a chunk of people, so there can be an irregular dip in the market price of certain players.

EA could even choose to tone down the quality of the packs that will be offered to players for free, but that could spoil the celebrations. Alternatively, they can also make the packs untradeable to avoid disturbing the market.

Don’t expect any extreme shifts in the market, but keep an eye out for players being offered on discounts and if you’re thinking of selling a good player right now, you might want to consider waiting until the FUT Birthday week is over.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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