5 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Nintendo Switch is the new gaming console taking the world by storm. It’s still pretty hard to find anywhere since Nintendo can’t keep up with demand. It very well might be sold out for a while too. If you’ve managed to get your hands on one, congratulations, but your shopping spree isn’t over. Now it’s time to accessorize.

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From cases to controllers, make the most of your Switch with these accessories.

Since the Switch is so new, the accessory market isn’t exactly vibrant just yet. With time there will be a wide range of cases, covers, stands, controllers, and more to pick from. For now, here some excellent accessories put out by Nintendo and some third-party companies that your Switch deserves.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

While the included Joy-Con controller still acts like a normal one, it’s not as ergonomic.

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Photo: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is Nintendo’s own separate controller for the console. It’s aimed at traditionalists who prefer a standard-feel controller without the detachable Joy-Cons. The perk of buying one is that it should feel slightly better in the hand.

While the included Joy-Con controller still acts like a normal one, it’s not as ergonomic as an old-school design. Plus, the perk of buying one of these is that now you have two controllers — great for multiplayer modes.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller sells for $79 on Amazon. At the time of writing, it is sold out.

HORI Compact Playstand

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Photo: HORI

The HORI Compact Playstand is Amazon’s choice for the best Nintendo Switch stand. If you’re away from your television but don’t want to hold the Switch in your hands, you could use this stand. The Switch does include a kickstand but many have deemed it flimsy compared to the product. Plus, it only works at one angle.

The Compact Playstand lets you perch your Nintendo Switch right on top and adjust it for several angles. Plus, when you’re all done, it folds up nicely to save space and make for easier traveling. You can also charge the Switch while it’s in the stand as well.

HORI’s Compact Playstand sells for just $12.99 on Amazon.

Findway Hard Shell Carrying Case

The case also has the iJustine seal of approval.

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Photo: Findway

This is a fantastic carrying case for your Nintendo Switch. Findway’s Hard Shell case is the perfect little storage unit for your Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons, game cartridges, and additional accessories like cables. It holds ten Nintendo Switch cartridges, plenty especially with the currently lacking content.

One side safely straps in your Switch with the Joy-Cons attached on either side. The other side of the case has a flap for anything else you need. I’m not a fan of cases that makes you detach the Joy-Cons and store them separately, so I’m glad this one is wide enough to accommodate them while attached.

The case also has the iJustine seal of approval. The YouTube star showed off this case on her channel as she’s been fan-girling over the Switch for weeks.

Findway Hard Shell case is on Amazon for $18.99.

Joy‑Con Charging Grip

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Photo: Nintendo

The Joy-Con Charging Grip isn’t far off from the Joy-Con controller you get with your Nintendo Switch by default. The only difference is that this one lets you charge as you play. That means if you’re Switch is near an outlet, you get virtually unlimited playtime. You never have to stop playing to charge the controller if you have one of these.

The Charging Grip is available for $40.95 on Amazon.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Photo: amFilm

Because the Nintendo Switch is portable and has a large six-inch display, you have a new issue to worry about compared to previous consoles: the glass screen. If you drop it, it’s very possible to wreck your display and hinder gameplay until you get it fixed. Prevent this problem by getting a screen protector.

The amFilm Tempered Glass screen protector fits perfectly to the Nintendo Switch display and protects it from scratches and potential damage. It also guarantees the touchscreen works properly too.

A two-pack of the screen protector is available on Amazon for just $10.99.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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