Automatically Shutdown Your PC With WinMend Auto Shutdown

Winmend Auto Shutdown is a free tool to turn off your computer automatically or put in stand by/hibernation mode after the specified time interval. It works on pre configured settings. It provides options to shutdown, log off, stand by and hibernate your computer.

You can configure time of shutdown according to day, date and time. After activation of task, this tool sits on your system tray and automatically executes the task at the time you wanted it to implement. You can double click on the icon of the task bar to restore the setting.


One unique feature of this utility is appearance of 30-second countdown screen in a window before it performs the specified task. If you want to cancel that pre-configured task then you can do so by clicking Cancel Task button.


On testing this software I found that if  standby or hibernate option is disabled in your computer then this tool will not perform those tasks. Hence make sure those options are enabled if you want this tool to perform those tasks.

Overall, this is an effective auto-shutdown, standby, log off and hibernation freeware.


  • Automatically shutdown your computer.
  • Also use it to log off or go into hibernation after a given time interval
  • You can configure the program according to day, date and time.
  • Simple user interface

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Download Winmend Auto Shutdown.

Last updated on 05 February, 2022

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