Trace IP Address Using These 4 Tools

An IP address is the unique identifier for each computer — basically, a string of numbers separated by full stops. An IP address is used to locate and identify a computer, somewhat like our retina or fingerprint scan differentiates us from other people.

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Spammers and hackers usually proxy their IP address, making it difficult to identify their real one. It’s however, worth noting that they physical location presented of an IP address isn’t necessarily the location of the computer.

An IP address is used by a website to communicate with your computer. For instance, you’re surfing GuidingTech, our website will use your IP address to send information that you seek back to your computer.

GuidingTech wouldn’t know which computer to send the information to in the absence of an IP address.

Every computer has a unique IP address which ranges anywhere between to

The basic IP tracking tools only serve you with the location of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) being used by the computer you’re trying to locate.

So in case, some computer is trying to communicate and connect to your computer — a hacker or spammer in simpler terms –, it’s always useful to know where the threat is originating from and these tools will help you do just that.



Geotool is one of the simplest websites which gives out enough information about the IP address you’re trying to track, all you need to do is enter the target IP address in the single box field at the bottom.

The website will serve you information including the hostname (your ISP), country, city, postal code, the local time, longitude and latitude.

The website also shows the approximate location of the IP address being tracked on a Google map.



One of the most beautifully designed IP address look up websites, DomainTools provides you with an easy to use interface called the WhoIs Lookup tool.

The result includes a contact name, number, email address and location associated with the IP address in question.

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While the aforementioned information can be accessed for free, DomainTools also has more tools to get a more detailed insight but you’ll have to spend some bucks to avail that.

The Power tools, which are paid, include reverse IP address lookup, extensive domain properties, traceroute, ping and DNS lookup.


MyIPTest is one of the most comprehensive IP address lookup tools, which not only gives you the ISP, host names, location with longitude and latitude but also gives you tools like a proxy checker, reverse IP and DNS lookup, traceroute and Email tools.

This one’s a great free to use website that should be enough for your personal perusal.

IP Address Location


IP Address Location is another simple to use lookup tool which although is too cluttered but apart from the usual IP address information, provides useful information such as DNS, email and ping lookup.

It also has a tool which allows you to discover the IP address for a particular website and find IP addresses corresponding to a set geolocation — say a country — in case you need to double check the geolocation of a particular IP.

IP address can be traced using any one of the tools provided by these four websites, but some offer additional features over the others — paid and free — use the one which suits your needs.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other awesome IP address lookup tools, which have same or more utility, that you use and would like to recommend to fellow readers.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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