eReaderIQ: Find Best Free Kindle Ebooks, Get Cost Drop Alerts

In the article we published yesterday on finding free ebooks to read on Kindle for PC, you could find me whining at the end of the post about the unavailability of better search options to unearth the real gems in the free Kindle ebooks collection on Amazon. It’s just too hard to find those options on Amazon.

Luckily, we’ve got third-party sites that make this task easier.

One such site is eReaderIQ, which I recommend all Kindle users – be it the device or any Kindle software/app – bookmark. It’s an extremely useful site which helps you conduct advanced Kindle ebook search on Amazon, find the best free Kindle ebooks, track price drops and addition of new free titles, and do much more.


On the homepage of the site, at the top you will see a box where you can sign up with your email address to get notified when new free titles are added to Amazon’s collection. The site doesn’t require registration as such, and that’s the only place where it asks for your email address.

Scroll down and you’ll see a number of options that include Advanced Kindle Book Search, Advanced Paper Book Search, View Free Kindle Titles, Track Kindle Price Drops and more.


Clicking on View Free Kindle Titles takes you to a page which lists a number of free Kindle ebooks. It is important to make sure that you select your region first so that you can see the titles that are available in your country. You can only add the titles that’s available in the country specified in your Amazon account.


The Advanced Kindle Book Search is the most powerful of all the features. As you see in the screenshot below, it has a number of search filters to help you narrow down your search for Kindle ebooks.


To find the best free Kindle ebooks, you could select the price range from 0 to 0, “5 stars only” in avg customer review, and then hit search now. It will jump to in a new browser tab and list the top free ebooks that you can read on your Kindle, Kindle for PC and any Kindle software or app. Again, just make sure that you have the appropriate region selected before you conduct the search.


If you intend to find the top public domain Kindle books, just make sure that you select only public domain books before hitting the search button.


Once you do that, and hit the search now button, it will show the top free public domain books for Kindle on


There’s also Quick Links section on the search page that you can use to check the top 100 Kindle bestsellers, and ebooks that fall in certain specific price ranges.


Overall, if you have a Kindle, or use the Kindle software on your computer or mobile phone to read books (and do that a lot), I think eReaderIQ should be the site you use for your Kindle ebook searching needs.

Got any suggestions or Kindle tricks in the bag? Tell us in the comments!

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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