How to Set Up and Read Free Ebooks On Kindle For PC


I’m sure a huge number of you reading this post own a


. It has been Amazon’s bestselling product for I don’t how long..probably since it was introduced a few years ago. It’s a revolutionary device without a doubt. Who knows, may be that’s how all books will be read in the future.

If you don’t own a Kindle yet (I don’t either), don’t worry. You could use one of the free Kindle apps/software available for different operating systems and mobile phones to read the books that come in the Kindle format. These days, a Kindle version of almost all the hardcover/paperback books can be found.

This tutorial will talk about Kindle for PC and how you can use it to read ebooks for free. The software is provided by Amazon for Windows users, and you can buy and read books on it, just like you would do on the actual device. We will focus on the setting up part, and on fetching some ebooks that are available for free.

Lets get started.

Part 1: Setting Up Kindle For PC

Step 1. Visit the Amazon Kindle for PC page and download the software. It’s about 18 MB, so depending on your internet connection speed, it could take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc1

Step 2. After you’ve downloaded and installed the software, you’ll be greeted with the following screen where it will ask you to register. If you already have an Amazon account, just put in your login credentials and sign in. Otherwise register for one.

Note: You’ll need to associate a credit card with your Amazon account, even if you are buying a $0 product. Without that you wouldn’t be able to check out after purchasing a product on

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc2

You’ll see that there are 3 free books already there for you to read. I saw Aesop’s fables, Pride and Prejudice and Treasure Island in my Kindle for PC home screen.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc3

You could open one of these books and start reading to see how similar or different it is than reading an actual book. There are various controls, like highlighting, dictionary etc that you could use while reading.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc4

That was about setting up Kindle for PC. You can check out the options and see what else the Kindle for PC has it offer. That’s something I’ll leave it for you to explore yourself. Now, lets move on to part 2 of this tutorial where we will see how to locate $0 books on the Kindle store.

Part 2: Getting Free Ebooks

The good thing about the Kindle store is that the collection is as enormous as Amazon’s main collection of books. You’ll find all kinds of books, for all kinds of prices, starting from $0.

Lets see how we can locate some $0 books on the Kindle store.

Step 1. Click on the Shop in Kindle Store button located at the top left of your Kindle for PC home screen.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc5

Step 2. It should directly open the Amazon Kindle ebook store in your default browser.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc6

The books are arranged in the order of their popularity. If you look at your right on the page, you’ll find a small Sort by drop-down menu. You need to select the option that says Price: Low to High.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc7

You’ll now see all the $0 books available for your Kindle.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc8

Step 3. Now,you need to select the book you want to read, click on it and click on Buy now with 1-Click (or Buy now if one click buying isn’t enabled on your Amazon account. )

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc9

You’ll need to sign in to your Amazon account. Then complete the buying process and Amazon will tell you to sync your Kindle for PC to get that book. You could do that by clicking on the small sync icon at the top, as shown in the image below.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc10

After it is done syncing, the title will appear there, available for you to read.

Readfreeebookson Kindlefor Pc11

That was how you set up Kindle for PC and get some free ebooks on it.

In my next post, I will talk about ways to find good free ebooks for your Kindle. As you saw, on Amazon the only way to find them is by sorting them by prices. But there isn’t a way to see what are the most popular free titles, various categories in which free titles are available etc. We will explore that in the next post. Stay tuned!

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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