Google Fortunetelling: Spreading Awareness one Fortune Seeker at a Time

In case you are curious what the future beholds — how long you’re going to live? or how much money you’re going to make? or anything else, for that matter of fact — Google Fortune Telling doesn’t have an answer for any of those questions, but it does provide much-needed insight into things that matter.

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Many might assume otherwise, but Google FortuneTelling isn’t an official Google product. It’s owned by a Netherlands-based communications company called BrainMedia who came up with this Google-imitation for a social cause.

The website aims to spread awareness regarding the refugee crisis which has been plaguing millions of people worldwide for the past few years.

“So we used a fake Google site to get your attention because apparently, you were interested in your own future. Please take a moment to think of their future,” the website reads.

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A clever initiative by the site’s owners who support donations to the United Nations Refugee Agency — UNHCR — the google-based design helps the website’s cause and the search engine giant hasn’t reported the site for using its logo.

The website interface is a copy of Google’s homepage and as soon as you try typing in the search bar, it auto-populates with several questions which are all derived from uncertainties faced by refugees concerning their future.

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Following that, the website redirects to a page which reads, “Of course we can’t predict your future! But 60 million refugees ask themselves every day if they have a future at all.”

The website has links to images and videos of refugees on Google, links to share the campaign on social media as well as a link to donate to the UNHCR.


Visit BetaGoogle to learn more about the refugee crisis or contribute funds to charities helping the cause.

The refugee crisis is creating a lot of distress among those affected directly as well as among those whose country are accommodating the affected and educating the latter crowd about the refugee’s predicament can be a huge plus to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

The website will certainly be unable to predict your future, but will surely open up your eyes towards the questions asked by refugees and understand their pain better.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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