Intellipedia: How to Access the Wikipedia of US Secret Services

We’re well aware of Wikipedia and the plethora of information it stores about everything in this world, but are you aware the US government maintains their own secret Wiki — Intellipedia — which stores information in a similar fashion as Wikipedia, just with a few tweaks containing facts about the issue.


Intellipedia is an encyclopaedia for US government secret services as well as other government organisations with similar clearance and the website has been active for a little more than a decade.

The website has three levels of classification of the contained data — one consists sensitive but unclassified documents, the mid-level one contains secret information and another for top secret information.

The ‘top secret’ wiki contains almost 40% of a total of 269,000 articles on the website.

Since 2014, multiple applications have been filed under the Freedom of Information Act, which has allowed public access to several unclassified documents present in the secret service encyclopaedia.

The pages of Intellipedia are essentially copies of Wikipedia pages for the same topic but with additional sensitive and critical information added by analysts of the intelligence community.

How to Access Intellipedia?

Intellipedia access page

Official access to Intellipedia is restricted to authorised personnel only — which presumably are members of the 17 intelligence agencies of the US government — and if anyone else is found trying to gain unauthorised entry into the database, they’ll face ‘criminal prosecution’ as the website mentions.

However, since the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) grants the right to the citizenry to ask for information even from the intelligence agencies, news media outlets such as MuckRock and other websites such as The Black Vault have been hoarding their websites with findings from applications under FOIA.

2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks Intellipedia page with inputs not found on Wikipedia | Source

You can access multiple files from Intellipedia which includes information about Area 51, Benghazi, JFK assassination, Project MK Ultra, UFOs, Greenbrier files, Freemasonry, Bay of Pigs files and many more interesting reads which have been unclassified.

Surprisingly, Edward Snowden’s unclassified page on the Intellipedia has absolute zero information concerning the whistleblower and so is the page of UFOs which only consists of a single photograph.

There are loads of other interesting topics that you might wish to learn about on this ‘secret wiki’ and John Greenwald’s Black Vault is a sure stop if you undertake this journey of finding out what extra information do the secret service guys hold.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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