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YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video-sharing platform on the internet right now and as much as creators enjoy uploading more than 400 hours of content every hour, consumers are watching videos at an accelerating rate too.

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Recently YouTube announced that users on the platform are watching billion hours of videos every day, which roughly translates into 100,000 years of time spent watching video footage.

While there are numerous popular videos which contribute to these billion hours of video footage being watched by YouTube users, a chunk of the videos uploaded fail to garner even 100 views in their lifetime.

These videos are weird at times — in a surprisingly good way, though — and sometimes even completely senseless. You might be even surprised that someone shot a video of the thing you just saw.

Those who have been ardent YouTubers, must have realised that most of the popular videos on the platform are either funny, satirical, How to guides, exercise/yoga related, popular music track or web series.

There is only so much that you can watch the usual ones, so it doesn’t hurt to relax and watch some videos completely mindlessly — because most of them are mindless creations.

Astronaut 2

I’m not recommending you something which I myself haven’t tested and since I’ve used the website called Astronaut, let me tell (and warn) you that as frivolous as this might look, there is totally the chance of you losing track of time while watching the stream of curated videos.

The website curates videos that have been recently uploaded on YouTube — in the past week — and are one of the least viewed videos too.

The interface of the website is pretty simple. It portrays you — the user — as an astronaut floating in inner space, miles above the Earth and the people in these videos is what you see.

As soon as you click ‘Go’ on the homepage, the videos are played in a constant stream and keep changing every 5 seconds.

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If you wish to watch the entire video that is currently playing, there is a round button at the bottom of the video tab, just click on it and you’ll only be switched to the next video once the current one ends.

The uploaded videos usually come without titles — names similar to the ones seen in digital camera gallery with DSC and IMG prefixes are found — and are unedited too.

The feed on the website is synchronised, so every unique user on the website will be seeing the same video at a time. I’ll like to remind you about the warning — don’t get sucked into this YouTube abyss.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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