We’re Watch­ing Bil­lion Hours of YouTube Videos Every Day


Any of you who like to spend time watching videos on YouTube make up for a part of the billion hours of YouTube videos that are being watched by millions of users worldwide, each day — the company announced on Monday.


The California-based video-sharing platform which was launched in 2005, has come a long way in a little more than a decade as its stats have jumped from 8 million views per day in 2005 to a billion hours of videos watched every day in 2016.

The billion hours, if put back to back together, would result in 100,000 years of time spent watching video footage.

“Around the world, people are spending a billion hours every day rewarding their curiosity, discovering great music, keeping up with the news, connecting with their favourite personalities, or catching up with the latest trend,” Cristos Goodrow, VP of engineering, YouTube, stated.

The video service maintains that more than the views they’re focussed on the time a user spends to watch a particular video as it provides an apt scale ‘to understand whether a viewer really enjoyed it’, and to make YouTube a more engaging place for creators and users.

YouTube launched its partner programme in 2007, which allowed creators to earn from their hobby of creating videos and since the platform was growing at a rapid pace — meaning more views and increased revenues — people soon started replacing their full-time jobs to become creators on the video sharing platform.

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“If you were to sit and watch a billion hours of YouTube, it would take you over 100,000 years. 100,000 years ago, our ancestors were crafting stone tools and migrating out of Africa while mammoths and mastodons roamed the Earth,” he added.

YouTube has made its presence felt on the online ecosphere — and is currently ranked #3 globally on SimilarWeb — but their YouTube Red paid app hasn’t been as popular.

Reportedly, the company is running into a bit of trouble as YouTube Red had garnered only about 1.5 million subscribers as of last year.

YouTube had recently announced that next year onwards they’ll be removing the unskippable 30-seconds ad format in a bid to make the user experience better and are currently experimenting with shorter ads.

The Google-owned video sharing website is currently way ahead of its competition, but with Netflix, Amazon Prime and other such players coming in the market with their own original content as well as many popular YouTube channels using the platform as a means to drive traffic to their own website, the service needs to innovate a bit more.

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