Chi­na Has its Own Robo­Cop Patrolling the Streets


The Chinese police force has received a technical upgrade to its services as Robocops have been deployed for patrolling and these electronic police officials can also identify people’s face, identify and avert situations such as fire — as reportedly it did on the first day of duty.


The robot cop — officially being called E-Patrol Robot Sheriff — stands at 1.6 metres tall and moves on its own using a set of cameras covering all the directions.

According to a report in the Economic Daily, using its facial recognition ability, the E-Patrol Robot Sheriff is able to identify, follow and track criminals or suspicious people too

Apart from identifying criminals, the robot also has built-in sensors to check for air quality and temperature.

The Chinese robocop can also identify safety hazards such as a fire and alert the people nearby about the same, while simultaneously alerting the government authorities too.

“Thanks to the Sheriff’s capability to monitor temperature and humidity inside the station in real-time, we were able to avert what possibly could have been a big issue,” an officer told the Economic Daily, talking about the Sheriff identifying fire in the station compound at an early stage.

The Robot Sheriff is currently serving at Zhengzhou East Railway station in Henan and is able to identify the railway staff too via their identity cards.

China Robocop

This isn’t China’s first Robot Police officer. In September 2016, AnBot was deployed at Shenzhen Airport in Bao’an district of Guangdong province. The robot had been trained to carry out security checks and, like the Robot Sheriff also has facial recognition software as well as ability to identify safety hazards.

The AnBot was also fitted with an ‘electrically charged riot control tool’ — a taser — but it’s not confirmed whether the Robot Sheriff has also been given similar capabilities.

Robot tech has been upgrading at immense speeds. Last month, a research team at Peking University developed Xiao Nian, a robot who can write a sensible article in a second.

In December, a South Korean robotics company, Hankook Mirae Technology, developed a 13-ft-tall robot which can potentially be used to guard borders and researchers at UC Berkeley also developed a small one which can do parkour.

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