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WikiLeaks has been around for a decade now and is considered one of the most reliable sources of leaks related to corruption, especially by politicians as well as war crimes. The organisation maintains the anonymity of the source as a means to protect them.

Damaging Wikileaks

Wikileaks has been publishing classified documents since 2006 but the organisation shot to fame after bringing to fore the atrocities committed by US soldiers in war zones — specifically Iraq and Afghanistan — as well as files about Guantanamo Bay.

The website is a collection of a large pool of data and sometimes sifting through the website can be an arduous task.

Someone surely thought about that and has come up with their own website called Most Damaging WikiLeaks.

The author of the website claims that he’ll be updating the website with the most relevant leaks from the non-profit organisation’s website, which will inform you timely as well as save you the pain of searching for it yourself on WikiLeaks.

“This website was created by an American citizen who is tired of corruption in our government. It comprises of the Podesta leaks, DNC leaks, and FBI docs,” states the author’s note.

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Everything seems good about the aforementioned website which claims will maintain a collection of the most relevant leaks, except that a majority of the leaks that have been put out on the website right now are related to Hillary Clinton in one way or the other.

So much so that my sidebar literally turns yellow with small patches of white after I hit Hillary in the search bar. For doubters like myself, the site author has mentioned in one of his FAQs why the leaks are focussed on Hillary and there is nothing on Trump.

Julian Assange, who is not necessarily pro-Trump, has stated that if any controversial Trump material is found, it will be published. However, everything controversial they have has already been said by Trump himself,” the website reads.

While I’m not either Trump or Hillary supporter, you might feel that the website is aimed at Hillary Clinton as few of the leaks mentioned in their Top 100 list might not talk about Hillary, but a majority of those few talk about John Podesta — chairman of the Hillary Presidential campaign.

The website was created in October 2016 and is relatively new to be stamped as a pro-Trump webpage. Readers discretion is advised as this website might only portray one side of the coin.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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