Nokia 3310 Comeback Hinted But Will it Succeed?

If you’re one of those who enjoys music from the late 90s, and remembers the old days of white and black displays alongwith Snake game and Bounce too, then the rumour of Nokia 3310 being reprised will certainly hit you like the sweet summer wind.

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According to one of the most trusted mobile phone leaker and VentureBeat reporter, Evan Blake, HMD is all set to relaunch the sturdy Nokia 3310 model from yesteryears.

The device, launched in 2000, was well received by users worldwide and later on became the Chuck Norris of the mobile world.

The Nokia 3310 was known for its long (read: never ending) battery life and rock-solid design which was literally unbreakable is all set to make a comeback at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, later this month.

The device, which previously sported a modest 900mAh battery, will surely come with an array of upgrades to its hardware as well as software updates to fit competitively in the feature phone market in the present era.

The Nokia 3310 will reportedly cost €59 (Rs. 4,166) in the European market, with the price being downgraded to the Rs.2000 – Rs.3000 bracket for the Indian market, in a bid to attract more customers — as there is only so much that nostalgia can make people do and be paying Rs.4000 for a feature phone, is something that they won’t.

The device will be targeted towards developing countries in the Indian sub-continent as well as Africa, where feature phones are still being used by the masses as not everyone can afford to shell out thousands for smartphones.

Nokia 61

HMD launched Nokia 6 in China last month, which gained instant popularity among the masses with hundreds of thousands of units sold within the first 24 hours of its online sale.

The company is also expected to unveil downgraded and cheaper models — Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 — at the MWC event later this month.

The Finnish smartphone maker once ruled the pockets and hearts of millions worldwide and was the undisputed leader of the market, is now again trying to find its ground by launching both Android-based smartphones and feature phones in the market.

Although Nokia sure doesn’t seem to be aiming to compete with the likes of iPhone in the mobile phone market, it seems to be targeting the middle and lower segment buyers, who are certainly more in number but also are flooded with a lot of options.

While the brand that Nokia was might work in the company’s favour as they try to recapture the market, it remains to be seen how well can they compete with the new Chinese smartphone makers who’ve been able to oust even the likes of indigenous Micromax brand from the Indian mobile phone market.

HMD will have to come up with some serious upgrades on the 3310 if it plans to sell it at the aforementioned price in the Indian market, else as much as aged millennials might feel nostalgic about owning the rock-solid Nokia, no one would be willing to shell a sum north of Rs.3000 for a secondary device.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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