Top 5 Lifetime Subscription Tech Deals This Week

Very few things are meant to stay with you for a lifetime, especially things you buy. We bring you five of the most sought after lifetime subscriptions on discount, hurry up before the discounts run out.

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Flux 6: Lifetime License

The Flux 6 is a top-drawer website designing app which helps you build your website from wherever you are, seamlessly. In this first ever lifetime license offered by Flux, you’ll be able to drag images onto a page, adjust sizes and even adjust CSS properties of a page without coding — thanks to the WYSIWYG engine.

The app also allows FTP and SFTP support, which helps you edit directly on the server of your site. The app also supports responsive designs such as Bootstrap.

Get Flix: Lifetime Subscription

Unable to watch your favourite shows online due to Geo restriction? Here’s a solution to your problems. Accessing services like Hulu can be troublesome when you’re travelling outside the United States. Rather than trying to bypass restrictions via a complex VPN service, take away this simple solution with you.

Getflix will unblock over 100 streaming channels worldwide in different genres such as sports, movies, TV and more.

VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription

The lifetime subscription of VPNSecure allows you to bypass annoying geo-location blocked content and also enhances your security blanket as it has a strict zero user data logs recording policy. One of the most secure cross-platform VPN services, VPNSecure supports torrents as well as delivers unlimited bandwidth. Lifetime Subscription isn’t just another audio service which serves you music to distract you from the ambient noises but helps you choose which kind of music you might need depending on whether you’re sleeping, working, studying or relaxing.

Adguard Premium: Lifetime Subscription

Adguard Premium optimises your internet surfing experience by blocking all kinds of ads including video, flash, interstitials, etc., and also safeguards your device against malware served alongwith certain pop-up ad units. It will also help save your bandwidth as well as increases a page’s loading speed.



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