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Facebook has announced several updates to the videos on its social networking, which include the videos playing with sound, picture-in-picture view (like YouTube) for videos, better vertical video previews and also a Facebook videos app for TV.

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The social media giant has been focused on improving the video viewing experience on their platform for some time now, and this update is a major step in that direction.

Earlier the videos on Facebook used to play without a sound until you tapped on them, but now with the latest update, videos will auto-play with sound as soon as you scroll to them.

Users will notice the video sounds fading in and out as they scroll past the video on their news feed.

“People are watching and sharing more video on Facebook than ever, and we’re focused on continuously improving the video experience. Today, we’re excited to share several updates that make watching video on Facebook richer, more engaging and more flexible,” the company stated.

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If your device is on silent mode, then the video sound won’t play during auto-play. Some people might want to stick to muted videos, which only make a sound when they want to — ensuring users have what they want, this feature has been kept optional.

In addition to the sound update on videos, vertical videos on the platform also get an update to make them look better on iOS and Android devices. Now, the vertical videos will sport a larger preview and can easily expand to full screen, covering as much screen space as possible.

The videos also sport a thumbnail feature on the progress bar, which allows users to see images from the video while scrolling through the progress bar — enabling them to jump to a point in the video which interests them or they just wish to refer back.

Picture-in-Picture Update

Another interesting update to videos on Facebook is the picture-in-picture view, which can already be seen on YouTube app — users are able to surf the app for other videos while the current one plays on the right-hand bottom corner of the screen.

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Facebook has launched a similar experience for its videos wherein users will be able to scroll through their news feed with a video playing on a corner of the screen.

Android users can even select for the video to play when they exit the Facebook app to do something else on their smartphones.

Video App for TV

Facebook will soon roll out its video app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV and other popular platforms soon.

Last year, Facebook endowed its users with the capability to stream videos from Facebook on the TV and this update expands on that capability of the app.

“With the app, you can watch videos shared by friends or Pages you follow, top live videos from around the world, and recommended videos based on your interests,” the company added.

Videos saved to the watch later list can also be accessed via the app, allowing you to enjoy them on the big screen.

Facebook’s new updates, especially the Picture-in-Picture view, will be very well appreciated by its users for sure, as it allows users to continue using their phone while enjoying the video too.

While this feature isn’t a revelation to the video industry — something YouTube has been doing for quite some time now — but since Facebook has a huge audience (read: users) for its videos, it won’t come as a surprise if the feature makes Facebook videos even more popular.

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