Make Your Com­mute Eas­i­er With Google Maps for Android


Google Maps for Android has received a new update which will now incorporate three new tabs on the home screen of the map, helping users keep an eye on their commute route, — helping beat traffic — receive information about nearby restaurants and bus timings near their location too.

The app’s Places tab will include a list of the restaurants at a selected or your current location encircling categories such as, ‘best dinners’, ‘cheap eats’, ‘business dining’ and more. Other information such as nearby ATMs, grocery shops, petrol pumps or pharmacies, among others has also been included.

Users can also see the images of an area and read about it in order to get an idea of the location.

The update in the Driving tab enhances commute experience as it serves the users real-time ETA from home to work — given you have both the locations saved in the app — depending on the traffic conditions.

You can even turn off the Navigation and directly tap on Start Driving in case you’re not looking for turn by turn directions but still would like to receive updates about the traffic in real-time.

“When you’re on the go, there’s no time for apps that can’t keep up.Whether you need to get to work or you’re just looking for a quick bite around you,” Marcus Lowe, Product Manager, Google Maps stated.

With your home and work addresses saved, the Transit tab will help you never miss a bus or train.

It’ll serve you up with recommendations as to which bus or train will be suitable to reach your destination, real-time schedule of the next ride and also the ETA.

“Google Maps gives you the personalised information about your world to make decisions and get around with confidence,” he added.

Google Maps is facing stiff competition from the likes of Apple Maps, who’ve reportedly started enhancing their mapping as well as real-time traffic monitoring techniques using drones but Google Maps still remains the preferred choice, thanks to their updates last year including the offline mode and transit delays, among others.

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