Weekly Wrap: Trump’s Muslim Ban, Rising Privacy Concerns, Lego Life and More

A lot has happened this week in tech, and we don’t want you to miss any of it — so in case you were busy throughout the week, we’ve got you covered — we bring you the most interesting news pegs, launches and tips and tricks in our weekly wrap.

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There were a lot of amazing things happening this week, and we’ll ensure you get served the best of it in a jiffy.

Major News this Week

Silicon Valley CEOs Protest Against Trump’s Muslim Ban

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Tech industry’s top honchos including Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and more have shared their thoughts, expressing discontent with Donald Trump’s decision to ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries — including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia

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Privacy Concerns Among Consumers Are Alarmingly Increasing

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Numerous people have switched to encrypted services and been increasingly concerned about their data being shared across platforms.

84% of US consumers are concerned about the security of their personally identifiable information, with 70% of them acknowledging that their concern is greater today than it was a few year ago.

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After WWE, OurMine Hacks CNN’s Facebook


An elite hacking group that is known for hacks that expose the vulnerabilities in major systems, OurMine, hacked global news media outlet CNN’s Facebook account.

Last week, the WWE NXT, WWE Universe, WrestleMania, WWE Network, Summer Slam and John Cena’s twitters handles were taken over by OurMine.

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Facebook Steps Up Efforts to Curb Fake News

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Facebook has announced more tweaks to its news feed algorithm in order to serve more authentic and relevant stories to users.

In the past, Facebook has faced the issue of featuring stories, which lack credible sources and aren’t being covered by mainstream media houses, that end up in its Trending section and in order to establish itself as a legitimate source of news, the social media giant has made certain changes.

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Twitter To Battle Offenders, Ensure a Safer Platform

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On Tuesday, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and VP Engineering, Ed Ho announced that they will be bringing in several changes to the platform in order to handle abuse reports better as well as take care of repeat offenders too.

Twitter will now receive more regular updates in order to make it a safer community.

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Major Launches this Week

Oppo A57 Selfie Smartphone: Bokeh Effect and 3 Things to Note

Oppo A57

Chinese smartphone market has launched its new selfie-focused device — Oppo A57 — in India for Rs. 14,990.

In a bid to target selfie-enthusiasts, Oppo claims that its front camera integrates the company’s Beautify 4.0 tech which enables users to click hi-definition images even in low light.

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Lego Life: Social Network For Kids Looks Amazing But is it Safe?


Lego creators have come up with a social network for kids — Lego Life. The Lego Life app is available for download at Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store for free and is 100% free to use too. But is it safe for young impressionable minds?

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Top Features of the Week

This Website Lets You Customise Your Gmail Address


Ever since it was fully commercialised, email ID’s have been a user’s main identity on the world wide web.

A new website which goes by the name of Nuage is here to address your worries as it helps you customise your existing Gmail address — adding a bit of personal touch to your internet identity.

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Top 11 Science Fiction Quotes To Inspire You

Yoda Sw

the portrayal of characters, which otherwise would only have found space in our dreams or imagination, is fun to watch and as entertaining as these characters are, at times they say something that can inspire us forever.

Here are few quotes from works of science fiction which inspired us that you can read here.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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