Top 10 Tech Deals This Weekend That Have Us Floored

Another great weekend knocks on our doors and to make it all the more happening for you, we bring you the finest tech deals with slashed prices. Hurry up and grab your favourites on heavy discounts before the offer ends.

Head to our tech store and enjoy other such deals, brimming with discounts, as awesome as the ones listed below. Lifetime Subscription isn’t just another audio service which serves you music to distract you from the ambient noises but helps you choose which kind of music you might need depending on whether you’re sleeping, working, studying or relaxing.

True Key by Intel Security

The True Key by Intel Security helps you access all your accounts without the hassle of remembering your password. With True Key, you’ll be able to access all your online accounts using your biometrics such as fingerprint or face scan.

Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle

The Microsoft Office Mastery bundle helps you learn some of the most commonly used tools for office spaces like Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Pivot Table and SharePoint in the 7 courses included in this bundle spanning over 163 lessons.

Scrivener for Windows

Scrivener for Windows is an award-winning writing app used by professional writers. It’s much better than writing on Microsoft Word as you can view and edit different sections of your writing in isolation or as a whole, easily storyboard and rearrange your project, and much more.

Smart Beam Laser Projector & Accessory Set

This portable 2-inch cube projector might look small in size but can undertake mighty tasks such as projecting 150 inches of HD display on any screen using a LCoS laser technology. The projector also doesn’t require any warm up or cool down time like other traditional projectors and is a breeze to take along with you during travels.

Pay What You Want: World Travel Hacker Bundle

Using this World Travel Hacker bundle, learn to travel full-time by working from anywhere and earning well too, fly around the world for cheap, get tips to become self-employed and travel, and also learn languages like Spanish and Mandarin, making your travels easier.

Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription

Freaked out about Big Brother watching? Or just wish to have your privacy intact in these surveilled times? Buy a lifetime subscription of Ivacy VPN and maintain your web privacy.

The eBook Self-Publishing Bundle

The eBook Self-Publishing bundle helps you escape the vexing hands of publishers and helps you self-publish and earn via Kindle. Learn how to master the web in order to portray your writing in the best way possible in the 192 lessons spanning over 7 courses in this bundle.

Learn how to build an author website, learn the nuances of publishing on Kindle, design cover page for your ebook as well as learn some productive writing habits and more.

Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle

With the White Hat Hacker 2017 bundle, get to know the latest in ethical hacking tech, protect your systems from all kind of security threats, prepare to become a certified security technician and get paid to protect corporate/government entities.

In addition to all that, identify and destroy security threats, learn how to test Android security with Python and more via this bundle which offers you 63 hours of training divided into eight courses.

VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription

The lifetime subscription of VPNSecure allows you to bypass annoying geo-location blocked content and also enhances your security blanket as it has a strict zero user data logs recording policy. One of the most secure cross-platform VPN services, VPNSecure supports torrents as well as delivers unlimited bandwidth.



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