Nuage Lets You Customise Your Gmail Address

The internet has been booming exceptionally ever since it was released to the public in 1995, and ever since it was fully commercialised, email ID’s have been a user’s main identity on the world wide web.


At times, actually a lot of times, your preferred email address would have been taken by one of the billions of people using the internet and Gmail doesn’t allow you to create an identical one — for obvious reasons.

But a new website which goes by the name of Nuage is here to address your worries as it helps you customise your existing Gmail address — adding a bit of personal touch to your internet identity.

The website allows you to create a custom address for your Gmail account

Users just have to sign up on the website with their existing Gmail address and then select a domain address that Nuage registers for them, or users also have the option to use their own domain.


Any emails sent to your customised email address are then redirected to your original Gmail account. Nuage maintains that their service is completely secure as they only redirect your emails and do not have access to any of them.

“You already have a mailbox. A powerful mailbox, with nice functionalities. You’re already using it. Habits are hard to change. With Gmail, you can send and receive emails from a custom email, within the same inbox,” the Nuage team wrote in a blog post.

Nuage will set you up with a free customised email address if you refer a friend to their service and will otherwise charge $2 per month for every unique email address registered with them.

The Nuage mail tool can be a strong competitor to Google’s G Suite, which lets users customise their emails with their owned domains.

At the time of writing this report, the G Suite’s Basic plan was available for a discounted price of Rs. 150 (roughly $2.2) which is otherwise available for Rs. 270 ($3.99).

“You can manage your domain from Nuage. It provides you with a management interface available at Nuage app. Our domain names are accredited by Icann as we are Gandi reseller,” their website reads.

Using Nuage you can get the same seamless experience of using your Gmail account on the same interface while also enjoying a customised ID — avoiding the need to create another IMAP inbox with limited storage.

With privacy concerns on the rise, do you feel the need to use an encrypted mailing service — preferably Edward Snowden’s favourite? Check it out here.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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