After WWE, OurMine Hacks CNN’s Facebook


An elite hacking group that is known for hacks that expose the vulnerabilities in major systems, OurMine, hacked global news media outlet CNN’s Facebook account

Last year, the hacking group had taken over accounts such as Sundar Pichai’s Quora in June 2015, Buzzfeed News in October 2016 and Netflix’s and Marvel-affiliated Twitter accounts in December 2016, among others, has made CNN its latest target.

On Saturday, OurMine had targeted several of affiliated WWE twitter accounts as well as the company’s Tumblr page.

The WWE NXT, WWE Universe, WrestleMania, WWE Network, Summer Slam and John Cena’s twitters handles were taken over by OurMine.

The hackers posted the same message on CNN’s Facebook wall, which they’ve been posting on numerous other hacked social media accounts too. The message reads, “Hey, it’s OurMine. Don’t worry, we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information,” alongwith their email id.


The group claims to be white hat hackers with no intentions to disrupt the harmony of the internet but highlighting the security and privacy of major organisations, or people is their thing.

Facebook restored the rights of the page to CNN soon after the hack and the messages by the hacking group were also removed.

In the past, OurMine has been known to hack networks and social media accounts. Their most famous escapades include hacking Mark Zuckerberg’s social media account, as well as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account.

Twitter accounts of Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s sister), Daniel Ek (Spotify founder), Werner Vogels (Amazon’s CTO), and Hollywood actor Channing Tatum were also hacked by the prolific hacking group.

“As professional hackers and vulnerability accessors, we will help you secure your network, show you all available vulnerabilities and fix them all. We will also give you future security tips and assists you with securing your account to its maximum potential,” OurMine’s website reads.

OurMine has been hacking social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Quora of many well-known international entities or personalities in the past year, which goes out to show the vulnerability of password protected web pages.

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