Now Build Trump’s Mexican Wall in Virtual Reality


An online venture which goes by the name of GrandWall had launched its website in November, which promises members to receive a chunk of the wall that President Donald Trump had talked about during his campaigning — just that this wall will be in Virtual Reality.


If you can’t wait for the President-elect to keep his promise anytime soon and badly want to participate in the Southern wall project, GrandWall, owned by Pacific Software, is your chance to do so.

The project will build a virtual wall between United States of America and Mexico, which will be designed and owned by members.

According to the company website, “GrandWall is a nonpartisan community and independent special interest network, featuring a virtual 1,989 miles long digital wall consisting of millions of individual wall pieces. GrandWall is open to everyone, and there are no restrictions on what members publish.”

Membership costs $1 for basic membership, $4 for advanced and $20 for premium. The members get control of a piece of the digital wall, which they can use to display their thoughts about the issue via an image or message. Presales to own a piece of the digital US-Mexican wall has already begun.

“Express your thoughts, opinions and feelings about this crucial and most important topic. Affect the history-making decision whether a southern border wall will finally be built,” the website states.

The company is hoping to be a canvas to the thoughts of the US citizens — of diverse political alignments — to be able to portray a better idea of whether or not the citizenry is looking forward towards the US-Mexican wall becoming a reality.

Donald Trump expressed his opinion on building a wall on the Southern side, where US shares a border with Mexico and plans to remodel it after the Great Wall of China.

GrandWall plans to be an AR/VR social media platform and at this very instance, it is trying to capitalise on the people’s beliefs about one of the major promises made by Donald Trump while campaigning to be at the helm of the White House.

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