How to Beat Super Mario Run and Ful­ly Expand Your Kingdom

George Tinari

If you’ve been playing Super Mario Run for a while, you’ve probably figured out this secret by now: It’s not hard at all to get through the tour and defeat Bowser. I finished the tour in just about an hour from start to finish. At first I was thinking, I paid ten dollars for this? Yet after exploring and playing more, I realized the tour is only a small chunk of what Super Mario Run has to offer.

Learn the quickest way to maximum achievement in Super Mario Run. | Photo: Nintendo
Learn the quickest routes to maximum achievement in Super Mario Run. | Photo: Nintendo

Most of my gameplay these days stems from the other three major components of Super Mario Run: the rally, the kingdom, and the specialty coins. All three of these are necessary to fully “beat” Super Mario Run — that is, rise up to the highest level possible and grow your kingdom to maximum capacity. Here’s how.

Play the Rally… A Lot

The more cool stunts you pull in a rally, the more toads will arrive to cheer you on.

The key to leveling up fast in Super Mario Run is in rally mode, not in tour mode. Rally mode lets you compete against the ghost of other players in specific worlds. Each world selection in rally mode comes with its own set of toads: either all red, red and blue, red and purple, red and green, red and yellow, red, green and blue, or all five colors. Having a good amount of each color will become important later on, so try to cycle through all the worlds.

super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 5 super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 6

You level up in Super Mario Run by increasing the amount of toads you have in your kingdom. The more cool stunts you pull in a rally, the more toads will arrive to cheer you on. You can get up to around 60 per game. Try to do lots of flutter jumps (tap while in the air from another jump,) pounce on enemies, and frequently grab enough coins to enter star mode to get plenty of toads routing you on.

It’s also important to collect coins in general because if you lose to your opponent in this regard, you’ll lose toads from your kingdom.

super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 9 super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 10

Of course, you need rally tickets to play in the rally. The easiest ways to earn them are to collect all the pink, purple, and black coins in levels of the tour mode, place ? blocks in your kingdom and tap them daily, and place specialty game houses in your kingdom and play them daily. You get two tickets for collecting the coins in tour mode and up to 50 tickets from merely tapping a ? block for a random reward. Game houses can get you a few per day as well.

Get to Level 20

Super Mario Run levels up for every 200 new toads you bring in.

Level 20 is apparently when Nintendo decided “Yep, this is probably high enough.” You hit level 20 when your kingdom has 4,000 toads in it. You can grow your kingdom far past that amount — all the way up to 9,999 — but you stay at level 20 for the rest of it. When you hit level 20, your castle expands to its largest size and build mode will unlock some goodies for your kingdom.

super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 2 super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 1

Super Mario Run levels up for every 200 new toads you bring in. The castle physically expands every five levels, or one thousand toads. The only exception to this is in the final transition from level 19 to 20 — it takes 1,000 new toads to finally reach the last level of the game. Get ready, get set, and rally through the night to power through the big leap.

While getting to level 20 technically means you finished everything Nintendo wants of you, you can still progress much further from here.

Deck Out Your Kingdom

Higher amounts of toads eventually allow you to unlock all the characters, all the expensive statues, and all the rainbow bridges.

The last task on the list is to unlock every object available in build mode. The most important are the five rainbow bridges which physically expand the size of your kingdom by placing bridges to new areas. These new areas have more room for buildings, specialty buildings and decorations.

super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 3 super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 4

Just about everything in build mode is eventually available to you once you get enough toads and coins. That’s why playing rally mode and bringing toads into your kingdom is so crucial. Higher amounts allow you to unlock all the characters, all the expensive statues, and all the rainbow bridges. You can place bigger and better homes for your toads, large monuments and more.

super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 7 super-mario-run-kingdom-toad-rally-tickets-beat-game-ios-app - 8

The only exceptions are the specialty buildings. For instance, the pink, purple and black pipes are available only after you collect all of those respective coins in tour mode.

Gameplay continues for as long as you want it to. I’m still not at 9,999 toads nor have I collected all the specialty coins, so there is still plenty for me to do past level 20. The value in your 10 dollars spent for Super Mario Run is superb, so get into rally mode and keep growing your kingdom. Good luck.

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