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PVR has launched an online platform — Vkaao — via which users can select the movie of their choice that they wish to watch at their nearest PVR and if an adequate number of bookings are received, the movie will be screened, else the money will be refunded.


Users can choose to book the ticket of a movie that has already been requested by someone or create your own screening from one of the movies available in their library.

Users can even create a private event, in case they wish to host a birthday party or gathering with friends and book the entire theatre for a bulk amount ranging between Rs. 10,000 (approximately) to Rs. 150,000 — depending on the size of the auditorium and number of seats available.

Users also have the option to make their screenings private, which means that it’s an invite-only screening and only the people you specifically message can book a ticket to the movie. On the other hand, public screening allows anyone on Vkaao to book a ticket for that screening.

How Does it Work?


It’s as easy as it gets in order to watch your favourite title on the big screen — create your screening in three easy steps.

  • Choose a movie from the library available at Vkaao, which consists of a number of Bollywood as well as popular Hollywood titles.
  • Next, you’ll be served a calendar which allows you to choose the date of your screening.
  • After you’re done choosing the date, the next screen takes you to a list of theatres in your city with time slots, and information about the minimum number of tickets needed for the screening and cost of each ticket — which differs based on the time slots and choice of theatre.

Users will have to book at least one ticket to create a screening and if the screening is confirmed you also earn a cash back in your wallet.

There are five number of time slots assigned for you to choose from, but the exact show timing is only confirmed a few days before the screening as these bookings are made well in advance, making it tough for the theatre to align these shows with regular movie screenings.


In case you wish to cancel a regular screening that you’ve created, you’re out of luck as the company doesn’t allow that yet but in the case of special screening for personal gatherings, cancellations are allowed in lieu of cancellation charge levied on the booking account.

If you’ve booked a ticket for a confirmed screening you haven’t created, you won’t be able to cancel that ticket too as it might hinder the minimum threshold required to screen the movie.

Booking your ticket online via the Vkaao platform is your best bet to be able to confirm a seat in the screening as not all theatres will be selling tickets for Vkaao screenings in their box office.

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