Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Receive Nougat Update


More than two months after Samsung released its beta version of Android Nougat for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the South Korea-based smartphone manufacturer has officially released Nougat update for the aforementioned devices.

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Tsvetelin Dobrev /

Samsung users had been long awaiting the Nougat update to their Galaxy devices and this news comes as a relief to many users who’s trust remains shaken after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco last year.

The beta version of the update was available to users in US, UK, Korea and China.

According to the company, “With the release of the update, new and improved features promise to let Galaxy users get more out of their devices. The update also enables faster speeds for downloading apps and system software updates.”

The company has announced that global update has been rolled out and in the next few days, all unlocked S7 and S7 Edge devices will receive it.

Major Features of the Nougat Update

Notification and Quick Panel Update

The quick panel gets a more neat finish as the icons are now presented in groups of nine, making them easier to locate. The S Finder has been integrated into the quick panel which enables users to find anything on their smartphone or the web directly.

The notification window has also been updated to display the information in a more aesthetic fashion as well as supports direct reply feature.


Multi-Tasking Made Easier

Users can now access up to a total of seven apps at the same time, two of which open on the split-screen view and the remaining five on a pop-up window — users can swap among them seamlessly. The split screen window size is also adjustable.

Optimised/Gaming/Entertainment/High-Performance Modes

This addition to the Nougat update lets users get the most out of their device’s hardware with the help of these four performance modes available on the device.

  • The optimised mode is the most suitable for day-to-day usage as it enhances battery life, maximising the time your device can go on a single charge.
  • The gaming mode provides a game launcher and game tools which enhance the gaming performance on your device.
  • The entertainment mode enhances the sounds and image quality of the device.
  • The high-performance mode enables the device to perform at the maximum possible speed and fluidity but will compromise on your battery’s performance and life on a single charge.

The Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note5, Tab A with S Pen, Tab S2 (LTE Unlock), A3 and A8 devices will also be receiving the Android 7 Nougat update within the first half of 2017.

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