How to Fix Slow Android Phone

A new Android smartphone can be quite the Superman, it gets everything done in a jiffy. Within just a couple of minutes, it can download wallpapers, send an email, browse the Internet or stream a song.

But this honeymoon period doesn’t last forever and within a year the phone becomes an older (not wiser, though) version of itself. Surely, a slow phone isn’t anyone’s vision of an ideal phone.

Fix Slow Android

And as a phone falls from grace many of us fall into the insane trap of getting a new one (we are humans, after all). But shouldn’t you spare a second thought for your old companion?

As they say, it’s not over till it’s over and the good news is, there are many ways of reviving these devices. So, here are a few tips to fix a slow Android phone and make it faster.

1. Uninstall Heavy Apps

When an app or its update is built it’s always done based on the latest tech available (read processors) so that the app delivers the very best. After all, these app companies have a reputation to maintain. Plus, who’ll invest in a slow app?

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So an app which is built for the newer and faster processors like SD 820 or 821 might not work smoothly on older processors like the SD 615 or 801. This results in a higher memory usage, which would eventually cause your device to lag.

For instance, Chrome consumes more memory after the new updates. This might not matter in a phone with 6 GB RAM, but for a 2 GB RAM phone, it’s a grave issue.

In such a scenario, you might want to skip the less important updates or in worst situation look for a lighter alternative. For example, Apus Browser is a lighter cousin of the Chrome browser.

2. Scrutinize the Number of Apps

Surely, we all have apps on our devices that are seldom used or not used at all. Remember that Ninja game, which you had given up 2 months ago? It’s still residing comfortably on your device’s memory. Though we pay less attention to the number of unused apps, these often play a major role in a slow-down.

Number Of Apps

These un-used apps take up a considerable amount of space in the memory and uninstalling them, is a step in the right direction.

Uninstalling such apps not only help you in reclaiming the used-up internal storage, it’s also a step towards reducing the memory footprints.

3. Analyze the OTA Updates

The OTA updates are essential to a phone as it paves the way for cool new features but not all OTAs are optimized. At times (especially the first one) they can eat into the memory and result in a sluggish performance.

Ota Updates

I am not saying that you skip the update at all, especially if it’s a critical update or an important security patch.

But a bit of research will always help before you hit the update button.

And along with research, it is always safe to wait a couple of days before going for OTA updates.

4. Restarting Periodically

Imagine a situation if we went on days without sleep? Well, the situation is pretty much similar for our Android phones as well. It may just be a piece of machinery, but it also needs its share of a fresh start.

Restart The Phone

So, it’s advisable to go for a restart once in a while or you can schedule a restart during the night or non-busy hours. Once this inculcates into a habit, you will slowly see the difference in the phone behavior.

Speaking of sleep, learn what is the best sleep tracking app and how to choose the best.

5. Clearing Junk Files

Once we clear or uninstall an app, most of us turn a blind eye to the files & folders that the app leaves behind. These residue files just sit there occupying storage space. Therefore, getting rid of the junk files is an absolute essential for a faster phone.

Clearing Junk File2
Clearing Junk Files 1

For getting rid of these files, you can install an app called SD Maid and run the CorpseFinder module directly. You will be amazed at the amount of free space at the end.

Learn more about the SD Maid’s effortless performance in keeping your device clutter-free.Read More: 5 LG G6 features that make it superior to LG G5

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Surely, in the case of smartphones, slow and steady can never win the race. So go ahead and revive the beast to its old glory. And in the process hopefully, slow down the temptation of getting a new phone.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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