Sachin Saga Warm Up: Bat as Sachin Tendulkar

Playizzon, an India-based mobile game making company, has released a cricket game — Sachin Saga Warm Up — which borrows Sachin Tendulkar’s techniques to play the game as well as has inputs from the legend himself for the gamers to understand the game better.

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The two minutes-long game is played for two overs and between two players online. Players can connect the game to their Facebook profile, and the matchmaking is done at random among players across the globe.

The game has 27 different shots which are based on the way Sachin Tendulkar played the balls.

“The Sachin Saga Warm-up will serve as a prequel to ‘Sachin Saga’ where gamers across age groups can play an exciting new format of cricket digitally! I look forward to receiving the feedback as users play each delivery on its merit,” said Sachin Tendulkar.

The game is a prequel to the full version of the game — Sachin Saga — which is scheduled to be released later this year.

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The player who garners the maximum points in-game will be rewarded by Sachin Tendulkar himself during the launch of Sachin Saga.

The game is currently only available in English, though the company claims that they’ll be releasing an update with six additional languages to choose from.

The company is associated with the cricketing legend, who has lent support in making the gamers understand how to play the game better via hint boxes in-game.

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“We feel the uniqueness of the 2-2-2 concept comes out beautifully through this game in today’s fast paced digital world where attention span and time are drastically reduced,” said Mr Rajan Navani, CEO and MD of JetSynthesys, parent company of Playizzon.

The game was officially released on the Play Store on January 8, 2017, and has already garnered downloads north of 10,000.

Guiding Tech tried out the game and felt the game could use better graphics overall as well as a smoother interface. Since the company has borrowed the style of an iconic sportsperson of the country, they should do justice to his support as well.

The game is currently available only on Android, with an iOS version soon to hit the stands.

Playizzon has previously released seven more gaming titles, mostly related to Bollywood, including three starring the infamous actor Salman Khan.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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