7 Lifetime Subscription Deals You Can Not Miss

Very few things are meant to stay with you for a lifetime, especially things you buy. We bring you five of the most sought after lifetime subscriptions on discount, hurry up before the discounts run out.


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Unblock All: Lifetime Subscription


Unblock the internet and stream restriction free — get full access to geo-restricted websites too — with a lifetime subscription available here.

Adguard Premium: Lifetime Subscription


Adguard Premium optimises your internet surfing experience by blocking all kinds of ads including video, flash, interstitials, etc., and also safeguards your device against malware served alongwith certain pop-up ad units. It will also help save your bandwidth as well as increases a page’s loading speed.

Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription


Protect your online activity from scrutiny and surf the internet without any restrictions with the lifetime subscription of Ivacy VPN.

Brain.fm: Lifetime Subscription


Brain.fm isn’t just another audio service which serves you music to distract you from the ambient noises but helps you choose which kind of music you might need depending on whether you’re sleeping, working, studying or relaxing.

Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution


Get 1TB of online cloud storage for a lifetime with Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage with no additional cost ahead in your life. You’ll receive 500GB of instant storage and 500GB of cold storage.

Penzu Pro Digital Journal: Lifetime Subscription


Penzu Pro Digital Journal will help you keep your thoughts organised in this chaotic world where information just doesn’t stop serving itself on your mind’s doorsteps. You can access the service on different devices, can lock your journals as well as the entire app with a password or pin and set up reminders too.

ShadeYou VPN: Lifetime Subscription


Freaked out about Big Brother watching? Or just wish to have your privacy intact in these surveilled times? Buy a lifetime subscription of ShadeYou VPN and maintain your web privacy with its 2048-bit encryption.



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