5 Techs CES 2017 Could Have Done Without


CES 2017, Las Vegas has ended, and a large number of tech companies poured its stalls with products that boasted of something unique and useful, and while some delivered on that promise, there were also some who failed terribly.

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Here we look at five such devices that didn’t need to be unveiled into the market and failed to impress us. If there were some other tech products that caught your eyes but failed to impress at CES 2017, let us know below in the comments section.

1. RCA’s 4.3″ Portable Television


When connectivity is the theme, and smart home devices are the hype of the day, RCA still managed to unveil something as unimaginative as this mobile-screen sized television which doesn’t connect to the internet or has any apps.

The battery-powered television is worth $79.99, has a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB port, mini SD slot and a built-in ATSC digital / NTSC analogue tuner; the battery lasts for 2.5 hours as well.

Although it can still entertain you without an internet connection as it supports a lot of audio/video formats, completely worthless to launch it alongside products with internet connectivity — the order of the day.

2. Zhor Tech’s Digitsole Heels


Zhor Tech has been coming out with quite cool products such as their heating soles which are quite suitable for people living in cold climates, as well as ones which let you know if your feet are fatigued for ardent runners, but one of their unveilings at CES 2017 just didn’t make sense.

The French company unveiled two pairs of smart heels (apparently) in a bid to impress women maybe, but the downside is that they don’t seem very appealing too. Oh, and yes, you need to charge them too for them to work.

One of the pairs sported a heated sole, while the other one had a mechanical heel that is adjustable. Both the shoes, like their other tech track your activity, and while you can control the temperature on one via their app, you can adjust the height of the heel on the other one. Wait, what!?

For $300, the high heels might be practical as one can adjust the heel height between 1.7 inches to 3.1 inches that too via an app, but they don’t look good enough for you to splash that kind of money — unless you feel a protruding metal block from your heel looks cool.

3. Prophix’s Smart Toothbrush with Camera


So here is a brush which will not only allow you to effortlessly clean your teeth but will also collect images of you doing so. Yes! You read that right.

In the words of Onvi, the company behind this piece of tech, “Prophix allows users to see better and understand their current oral health status”.

But wait, don’t we have dentists for that already? And even if we do look at the film from the camera, what are the odds of us figuring out the dental issues — very less, I suppose.

The device connects to the Prophix app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which lets you see the video feed on your smartphone as you brush and will reveal any spots you miss while brushing.

While this might be great for your oral health, I’m sure none of you spends as much time brushing — especially since the advent of mouthwashes. You can take images, record videos and even track progress. So much tech for something — we should but — we don’t really care about.

4. Onkyo’s Diamond Headphones

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Onkyo’s mic-drop moment at CES 2017 came with the $100,000 headphones that the company has on offer, but only on an invite-only basis. The company didn’t even unveil any specs about the headset except that each pair contains 20

The company didn’t even unveil any specs about the headset except that each pair contains 20 carats of diamonds that are rated extremely high on the colour as well as clarity scale.

This piece of bling isn’t meant for everyone as the company announced that they would only be available to people who’re sent invites to get them, and they’ll be custom made too to meet the selected customer’s tastes — precisely the size of the individual diamonds used in the earpieces.

Even the in-line buttons for audio controls are studded with diamonds — Bling much?

5. Mighty Cast’s Nex Evolution  Wearable

Nex Wear

2016 wasn’t a great year for wearables as they have had a declining popularity graph and the only company claiming that its product was doing well was Apple, which has a pretty decent screen, and now here we are with Nex Evolution which has foregone screens altogether.

This design consists of five touch-sensitive LEDs which can be customised via its Android or iOS app and be programmed to do a certain task for you such let the top light blink when you receive a message on WhatsApp or let the middle blue light blink if it’s on Facebook.

Basically, it’s a fitness tracker as well as a notifier and smart device manager on your wrist, but you’ll need to charge this every once in a while too. The company claims that the device charges within 2-3 hours and lasts for three days, but that is certainly for the first few months.

The beauty of the device is that it’s customisable but any which ways you’ll  have to take out your smartphone to be able to use the device to its full potential, so the question remains — why have it in the first place?

Wearables have had a drop in popularity since not many people are inclined to wear an extension to their smartphone’s capabilities as well as charge them too. The $79.99 worth wearable will be available from next month.

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